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Okay /og/, here's my situation. I have a PS3, 360, PSP, DS and a high-end PC. The only current gen gaming device I don't own is a Wii and this is because I don't have a TV (my PS3 and 360 are conencted to my second PC monitor via HDMI). There are a few Wii games I'm interested in, and since Wii emulation is pretty good but not yet flawless I can justify the price of a new Wii but I can't afford a TV to go with it.

Last night I visited an old friend of mine from high school. He has a PC and a PS3, and also the little PlayTV box for his triple. I always wrote this thing off as a shitty HDTV receiver but it occured to me that if I were to buy a component-to-aerial converter I could plug a Wii into a PlayTV box and run the Wii through PlayTV, through the PS3 and onto my monitor.

Obviously, I couldn't imagine this being so simple.
-Does PlayTV delay the signal at all? I'm a PC gamer at heart, I'm going to notive even a few milliseconds of delay between making a movement and seeing it on the screen.
-Does the Wii have a minimum screen size? Both my monitors are 22" widescreen LCDs, will the Wii play up if I'm not on a TV-sized display?
-Does the sensor bar have a minumum operating distance? Obviously I can't sit too far away from my monitor or I won't be able to see anything.

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I appear to be having some issues setting the games up.
I keep getting the errors here. (Something along the lines of not being able to open the files needed.)
I have the Japanese and English RTPs, and I know they work as I'm able to run Yume 2kki just fine.
I have no idea what to do, anybody who is able to speak Japanese able to help?

Here's the wiki;

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Anyone recgonize this? c:

I'll give you a cake if you do.

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...I didn't think of the touchpad problem when I asked my father to install Alice on my netbook
I guess I'll have to buy a USB mouse...

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I gave up on the Jabberwocky fight.
just to see the end of the game i went into god mode & used all sorts of cheats. Game was still awesome

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Oh my god, I want this replica so bad

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For 2 seconds there I though that was a sandal.

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What does everyone think of this year's E3 game announcments? I'm personally excited over the new Paper Mario game since it's going back ot it's old RPG roots, and the new Zelda Ocarina of Time for 3DS looks beautiful...
What does the rest of uboachan think?
(should this have gone in /og/?)

Last edited 10/06/17(Thu)14:45.

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Nintendo's conference was glorious. Kirby was simply incredible, Retro's DKC revival will rock, and Skyward Sword looks as promising as expected, despite tech issues. The only thing I wasn't satisfied with was the lack of Pikmin 3.

Also, the 3DS is black magic.

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I thought that it was EXTREEEEEME

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I never played the original Goldeneye but I'm not impressed with what I've seen of the new one. Regenerating helath is everything that's wrong with shooters nowadays and I'm sure the original never had it.

Epic Mickey, Kirby and the new DK game look great, I might need to buy a Wii soon.

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>>new paper mario
>>rpg roots
>>ocarina of time for 3DS


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Anyone played Magical Drop? It's the best puzzle game ever <3

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Anyone heard of the PS1 game LSD? It's literally one big mindfuck. There's no goal, you can just walk around and enjoy the trip.

But what's interesting is the further you progress, the game will make variations, like change textures, models, and characters. So there's something new everytime you play a new day ('days' are like levels).

I'm trying to set up a Livestream of LSD gameplay, but having trouble with it at the moment.


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>I've been led to believe that the opening video is dependent on what copy of the game you're playing.

That's BS, I get many different ones and so has Mike. You just weren't paying attention/having weird coincidences on your game.

If anyone might give a damn, I have my own LP.. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D328EF95FEFC586A (people who go to /seccom/ might recognize another one of my videos) I'll warn you the first videos kind of suck a lot but a lot of the later ones have stuff never caught on camera before (as far as I know), or at least uploaded to YouTube anyway. Or if Uboachan would prefer I could just post pics of my findings here or something

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File: 1277165544536.jpg -(17.6 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'll go ahead and make a separate post about this though, if only because I haven't got this uploaded yet

I've seen the Kyoto ghost inside the house just to the left of you when she appears (if you're coming from the tower in town? so like, west of you, whichever way you're facing when she pops up, I'd have to check the footage again). The first time I had no idea she would be there and just noticed her in the corner of my eye, after the first one floated away after getting so close to me. The next chance I got, I looked inside the house before I saw her outside floating toward me, and she wasn't inside. The second time I saw her was when I didn't check the house first, same as the first sighting. She's just stationary inside this house, so you can get a good look at her horizontally (which is hard to do otherwise since she's always coming towards you outside). You can also link with her.

Last edited 10/06/21(Mon)17:15.

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Assuming a one in six chance, I got the same video all sixteen times I booted up the game. I rather doubt whether that's a coincidence.

If you aren't aware, I'm referring to the video that appears as soon as the game starts, not the one that plays if you don't do anything on the title screen long enough.

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Ah. Sorry if I was kind of snappy that night, I must've been hungry or something.

I get Linking Sapient Dream too, or at least three times in a row. That's interesting... I never would've thought that very first video was like, separate from the others. Most PS1 games just replay the opening sequence if you wait long enough so I figured that's just what you were referring to.
I have no idea if I have the same ROM as you though. I don't remember where I got it, it was just some page I googled. Not Uboachan.

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where can i download yume nikki soul dream? it looks awesome and it has amazing music that you can get from the game files!

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Could anyone tell me more about this game?
It's called タオルケットをもう一度 and for some reason people often compare it to Yume Nikki.

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Obviously not. Why would they want translation then? :3

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It's being translated by people on 4chan /jp/!!

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Someone needs to post it here when they're done then, it looks really cute.

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Is that still happening? I couldn't find any evidence of an actual translation in progress anywhere.

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