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Okay who else likes this faggorty?

i blame my friends, so very much.

i can't even play the fucking game.

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I still haven't even opened the packaging for the second one or even touched it.

I'm too lazy to play games now I guess.

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Another game that is offbeat.

Controls are Move with arrow keys, space to use item and talk to fairy. To destroy enemy you just run into them, like Ys. Run into them so that you don't get hit yourself, it's hard to explain. Save the fairies!!

Last edited 10/10/18(Mon)21:31.

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this was pretty cool

"act like a hero" made me lol

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I cant win final level guize.

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WHAT THE HELL!!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? º0º

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It's not confirmed, though! D= It's just because Level-5 is infamous for not localizing games, the second Layton took ages to show up, then the third took another year, and fourth might not even show up. Since it has Capcom working on it, and it's two pretty famous series, I don't think they'll let us out.
.............I HOPE. IF THEY DON'T RELEASE IT IN ENGLISH THEN I'LL DIE. They are my two favorite DS series, man.

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It might take some time but I really think it will come out.

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Why aren't you on the UBOAchan steam group?

What is wrong with you?


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What do you have to say, Uboachan?

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i has it.
it's nice.

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I can't finish that game for the life of me.

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Well I know you guys like the more creepy games, but I thought I'd bring this one up~
Dream game. NiGHTS, a flying purple jester without a neck or wrists helps two color coded kids with low self esteem to conquer their fears and everything happy in the end~
Now I know the Wii game really sucked. It just did, but the original was cool. It had awesome dreamscapes. Not creepy, but still very dreamy.

...And that brings me to another thing. The king and queen of the NiD fanbase has started a campaign to put NiGHTS in a SEGA game he won't be included in. Fans are to e-mail SEGA stuff. Just here's the thread.
Now I know it sounds stupid, but the NiGHTS fanbase isn't just a stupid fan forum. They KNOW SEGA, they get stuff from SEGA, they got to play the beta of the Wii game because SEGA went to their house. They know what they're doing and what they're talking about.
And here's a video to help convince fans that they're right~

So yeah. Talk about the game~ I'm just posting the campaign thing here because they wanted to spread the word~

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Alright, this is fucking confusing.

I downloaded the Sega Saturn emulator called SSF, and put it into a folder. This isn't like a SNES emulator, where I can just drag the .smc file into the emulator file. I have to go through all this shit to play the game.

I never owned a Saturn, so please give me step by step instructions on how to play this bloody thing :)

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Found a youtube tutorial. 8P
That's the best help I've got because

  1. I'm running a Mac. 8P
  2. I play this game on the PS2. Not emulator.

Hope it works for you. It's fun~

I'd also suggest buying at least a PS2 controller and USB adapter. Arrow keys are a pain for this game.

Last edited 09/11/28(Sat)12:34.

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Dude this game was epic. The gameplay... was okay. I kinda like how they improved it a little in the Wii version. But anyways, I loved the music the most. My favorite had to be the final boss theme.

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I may have not played the original but I really, REALLY liked the Wii game. And I liked the easter egg casino things in Sonic Adventures. This game has always been a mystery to me since I has suspicions that it was not only some casino minigame but a real game. I was right, apparently. I can't play the original, shitty computer and all that, but I can still enjoy the Wii game and even watch some youtube playthroughs of the original.

Anyway, I have to ask... Is that nights in your pic on the left? It looks like it but... what. When does NiGHTS look like a unicorn? Otherwise I really like it. It's very pretty.

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Has anyone played it?
It's a game based on the dreams of one of it's creators.
A puzzle game. Might you like it.


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File: 1287355814723.jpg -(362.1 KiB, 1000x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It was okay, certainly not worth $15 though. Took me like three hours or so to beat.

Why did it turn into physics puzzles half-way through? They should've ended it when you kill the spider and stuck all the physics stuff in a different game.

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Tales of Phantasia up in ere

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Looked for a Left 4 Dead thread. Did not find one. Decided to start one. And I guess it could just be Valve games in general.

Also, anyone else think the point of slaying zombies in L4D2 has been forgotten for the purpose of kawaii Nick/Ellis? Because I lost faith in the fandom for the second game after I couldn't go a page in my search without seeing that pairing.

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No one seemed to care until it went on uber-sale.
Holy fuck, what part of the internet are you on. A rich asshole and a country hick? As a.. Cant even say it. Fangirls need to stick to japanese only..
ANYWAY. L4D.. as a Mindfuck.. hm..
the witch is Sad and Lonely, but when you look at her and switch a Lightswitch, you're Fucked.
Otherwise, dunno.

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I like L4D and L4D2, but I just suck at FPS so I just add onto the fandom. I don't mind Nick/Ellis, Nick/Ellis is not as bad as Smoker/Hunter.

NOTHING IN L4D IS WORSE THAN SMOKER/HUNTER. (Except maybe boomerxspitter)

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Hell yeah, we're a little angel girl!

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Are you the king cat?

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Fuck those crows

Fuck em

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Dude, Cat Planet is awesome, and raocow rocks! :D

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