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"What's this note?"
"A D."

Well, this is both my first time posting on this chan site, and my first time doing this 'Oekaki' thing. I hope you all like this picture!

Oekaki Post (Time: 1 h 24 min, Painter: Shi Pro)

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Cute! :> I like the sketchy style you've got going on thar.

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This is some concept art for Lufia's game, Psychosis. My instructions were simple; make X for the game that represented Y in someone's life.
This would be 'cutting ties'. Perhaps character A's girlfriend broke up with him, or character B's best friend moved on? Who knows? Only Lufia, and only if this concept is interesting enough.

Oekaki Post (Time: 1 h 18 min, Painter: Shi Pro)

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