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I figured that since this board is made of artists I would post some handy art links, Some will be fit for the Oekaki, while others will be more fitting for Photoshop or other programs, but ALL will help you improve!

If you do any of the exercises from any of the sites below, Want to ask for constructive criticism from the general public, or feel like posting other useful art links, Please dont be shy and post them in this thread!!
/edit/ Updated with a couple more links.

Oekaki tutorials:

Drawing 101:

(I would recommend drawing about 10 stick figures of these poses three times daily, you will improve very fast if you draw them by eye, there's also a random pose viewer.)

Portrait Art & Colors:

Guide to 3D drawings:

Manga Techniques:

Guide to Digital Comics:
Part1: http://balak01.deviantart.com/art/about-DIGITAL-COMICS-111966969
Part2: http://balak01.deviantart.com/art/ABOUt-about-DIGITAL-COMICS-112523191

Animators Survival Kit:

Cartoon collage by JohnK:

Preston Blair lessons:

Flash Tutorials:

Character Design's tutorials:

Concept artists Tutorials:

DA tutorials:




If you are serious about someday going Pro or if you are going into an artschool, I urge you you should give ALL of the above a read with an open mind, regardless of what style or genre you are aiming for, the other genres could have information that you can apply to your own work!! (especially realism) If you just do it just for fun or simply as a hobby keep in mind that there is always room for improvement!!

But regardless, the most important thing is that you have FUN.

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I'm enjoying this topic a lot already <3 That posemaniacs site is extremely helpful and awesome.

I'll definitely be checking out these links when I have time to do so~

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Thanks for posting this. Although I'm more into traditional art (watercolor is my forte), some of these will definitely help with anatomy a lot.

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Thank you for the links.

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Wow, this is REALLY helpful.
Thank you~!

I stickied this because this is >REALLY helpful.

And I'm sure it'll come handy to anybody who passes by here in the oekaki board.

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How come no matter what tool i use it wont draw (Besides pencil)

I really cant do anything else besides draw with plain thin pencil. Halp

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You're not the only one. This happens to me, and when i switch back to pencil it doesn't draw.

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This is great for coming up with color schemes and it's fun as hell to play with


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You're a lifesaver!

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Hey folks; Afrosada here with a quick update!
I wanted to drop off a few more useful links;


> http://www.pixelovely.com/tools/gesture.html

Similar to previously linked Pose-maniacs.
(except with more options and real people.)

> http://www.scribd.com/doc/17518033/Force-Dynamic-Life-Drawing-for-Animators

Examples on how to make life drawing interesting!!
(also helps those who have trouble with stiff poses; and more!!)

Thats all for now I'll probably come back and update this thing more regularly >;3

Last edited 11/01/29(Sat)12:25.

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Anyone have anything that focuses on drawing hands?

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posemaniac as a 3d hand model.

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are there any artist's dolls programs that you can modify, have multiple characters with such and such...
it has to exist somewhere because people keep on using it, and such but never give a program name.

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im sure there are a lot of 3d modelling programs out there to use that have pre-made models and whatnot... you can use miku miku dance? ):" I am not really sure at all. let me think about it and see if i can come up with any names

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>you can use miku miku dance?

no, really i cannot.
unless they have a model for a realisticly proportioned people, which i have not seen.

i know there is some program simmilar to the name avazz, but i can't find it for the life of me. ( i think it's what pose maniacs might use)

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>miku miku dance suggested as a legit modeling program
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I never advertised it as a legit modelling program, but if you want to go ahead and flare your nostrils at something I didn't even say, go ahead.
ANY sort of resource you can use is worth something, for some purpose. while mmd isnt realistic, it will give you at least a general idea of movement through space, the ability to view proportions with depth and how they change, and visualization. hell, i used wow model viewer for help, and if i still had wow I'd still use it.
It isn't about a picture perfect exact replica of what you want to draw all the time appearing on screen and then you drawing what you are looking at, and if it is for you, then nobody knew that's what you wanted because you didn't specify it.

if you want accuracy, i can't help you yet, im still thinking of modelling programs and I still can't come up with any. I can think of maybe skinning programs for modding games but that's about it.

seriously. use every resource you can find.

the best modelling program? Life.
go out and observe people. hang out with people and make them do weird poses to make you all laugh and to grasp an understanding of how the body moves and looks with different lighting, body types, perspectives, and different strains (bodies are not rigid. skin folds. joints move, muscles flex, etc.). Look at yourself in the mirror. Take pictures of yourself. Take pictures of other people. go online for references.

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those little posable dolls and modelling programs in general are awful. if you want to learn dynamic figure drawing go to the park and scribble people's silhouettes as they walk by.

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Or if you dont have the time/means to get to the park, You oculd try drawing from movies. A lot of caricature artists watch the movies their subject appear in to get a better feel for their faces and personality, so..

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i actually have three of the artists dolls! they are wonderful things but i am going for dynamic posing as you said, thank you for the advice.

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