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I can't draw but i randomly did this someway yumenikki inspired.

Is this awesome?

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On second thought, the text near the bottom is pretty cool, but the rest is n.

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cool pantyshot bro

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I think it's awesome.

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I can actually see some meaning in this. I really like it a lot!

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op here

>I can actually see some meaning in this.

I can't, seriously

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It seems like one hand (the pointer) is making fun of her, the other hand (the open hand) is attempting to grope her. That, along with the shadow man, the eyeballs everywhere, and the scared look implies she's afraid of the public's view of her/men/being made fun of.

Reminds me of many Yume Nikki theories. Kinda funny how you just randomly drew this.

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Just wow, you maybe found the point of a random drawing.

Oh and the text comes from a bible (there was mormons giving bibles like fliers on the street the day i made this, lol), it means
"the Lord is your shade on your right hand.
6 You will not be touched by the sun in the day, or by the moon at night."
I found the piece of text after drawing this and i decided without reason to stick it there.

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