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I made an animation with my DSi and Flipnote Studio :B It was my first time trying and it's pretty cliche, but it was fun to do.


Hope that link works, if not I'll try to export it as a gif.

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The only cliche part to me was the ending, really.

But oh wow that was just adorable and you should animate more. :U

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Hm, couldn't think of a good way to end it. I can still change it and take that part out, though, I don't really like it either. Do you have a suggestion?

Thank you, though! I'm going to try~

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I don't know, something like...either Mado being all like "WTFISTHIS wakes up" or "'Sup Uboa."
...if you're still here. orz

And you're welcome. <3 Do your best~

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Still here, kinda.

I kind of like the "waking up" idea. I'm planning on adding sound to this, so I'll revise it when I do that. Yay!

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Really cool =3

downloading it on DSi
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We really need more Yume Nikki on Flip Note =p

Also, if you want, would be a pleasure put sound in it for you =3

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