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Dear /o/...
I can spend a million years detailing a drawing but the fact still remains that I'm not too good an artist. The hardest part of drawing for me though is starting a figure drawing. I'm never exactly certain where to begin, what kind of outlines to use, et cetera.
So, I ask you, artists of Uboachan, where and how do you start your figures? Do you use stick figures? Basic shapes? Wing it? Pictures would be helpful for educational/curiosity purposes.

Picture may be related.

EDIT: For the record I know there's a thread with a bunch of art guides, but I'm interested in seeing how you lot go about it.

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i usualy start with basic shapes/Skeleton, if i'm going for a difficult pose then i'll go with the actionline and triangle.
this is the only real thing i have thats somewhat good, and shows how i do my struture.

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you can see a bit of my methods here:
shape, frame, lines

after those: lineart, color, shade
I'll turn on animation and draw something later here >>1236
OH WAIT HERP DERP NO ANIMATION FEATURE I could upload an event file if you have opencanvas.

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I start with a balloon-ish shape for the head, then simple lines (like a more anatomically correct stick figure) for the neck, shoulders, arms, torso, and legs. ^^ after that, you just kinda "flesh it out," juuknow?

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