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There's ones for specific novels, so I figure a sort of catch-all thread would be nice. What you're playing, your recommendations, etc.

Pic related, I fucking love Animamundi. Also been reading Saya no Uta and Tsukihime. Saya is just as awesome as I was expecting, Tsuki is currently...well, boring. I'm not very far though. orz Please tell me it gets better.

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I've been interested in Animamundi but I've been told the English version is censored in parts, which I'm averse to. Did they censor only the gore, or the BL parts or both? Is there a decensor patch out there?

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Yes to both questions. Yes, they censored the gore and BL, and yes there's a patch to remove it. I can provide links if you want. :>

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That would be most awesome.

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...wait do you need the game too?

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>...wait do you need the game too?


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Found it on my own, I'm good. Thank you kindly.

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