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Sekkenya's new single came out today, and they also uploaded the short PV for it, so fucking watch that awesome shit. You bitches better find it and give it to me.

This is now the sekkenya general thread forever.

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Holy dicks I can order it on an english website


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足元転がっていた 自分のモノ 自分を偽っていた嘘
足元溜まっていた 自分のモノ 汚れて流せないまま

何も言えない事に慣れていけば 言葉は消える
だけど体に流れているモノは 何一つ消えない

体を駆け巡る命の衝動 胸を焦がす鼓動(おと)になる
叫びたい叫べない焼きつく声が ただ一つの歌になる

いつからこうなっていた 崩れたモノ 形も思い出せはしない
どこからこうなっていた 壊れたモノ 探した自分の欠片

自分が歩いて残した足跡 辿り着く今を

手に残る確かな熱をもつ痛み 立ち上がる為の息吹
声なき声 言葉を超えた叫びが その在処を示すから

体を駆け巡る命の衝動 胸を焦がす鼓動(おと)になる
この身体この声の全てを捧げ ただ一つの歌になる


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The song has been uploaded to Nico Nico Douga. Still haven't found the single album yet, though.

I really want to actually buy a copy of it soon.

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Here you go. The uploader got Step 5 and Papercraft's track numbers backwards though.

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Oh cool! Thanks for that, I spent so much time listening to the NND rip. I'm still waiting to order mine.

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File: 1287070961136.gif -(214.9 KiB, 468x263) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Okay, so I fixed the tags on it, and I'll reupload it for you guys. But still!! Please buy it if you can afford to.

This is a folder of all of Sekkenya's and Zekkenya's albums. s13 is the one you want. 1-12 are in accordance with the order of list on their website.

Can't wait til I get my CD :)

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If you buy the CD, you get a nice poster and also a password to download the recording(video? not sure if it's sound-only or not) of Sekkenya's "Secret Live" concert where they first performed Shabon live.

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Help get the lastfm page a better image.
Vote it up vote it up.

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File: 1287531230499.jpg -(90.1 KiB, 480x854) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Quite possibly the coolest drawing I've seen in my life. orz

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Today is a sad day for Sekkenya and fans. Bassist Igarashi has announced his retirement from the circle. He joined Sekkenya back in the end of 2007 or so when the original bassist Ino left the group for personal reasons. Not just being a god at slap bass(his solo in the middle of EX妖魔疾走 was always a highlight of Sekkenya's live performances for me,) Igarashi also composed the Sekkenya original song Electric Grandfather.

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10/12/06 never forget

Last edited 10/12/06 never forget.

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In brighter news, Sekkenya and Cool&Create's collab circle The Roots is releasing a second CD "Hell Yeah!!" at Comiket 79. There's only one Touhou song on it(Parsee's theme), but the rest will certainly be great original songs.


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File: 1292567700930.jpg -(107 KiB, 382x477) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hell yeah Parsee! I'm getting excited!

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What the hell, it's like people don't give a shit about Sekkenya or Cool&Create anymore. I've seen no mention of that album or any of Cool's other releases for C79 over at doujinstyle or pooshlmer or wherever.

Oh well, enjoy a crossfade while we wait


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I know, it's like nobody cares anymore :(
Listening to the crossfade now, I'm excited about this :)

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Took forever, but here's Hell Yeah! on mediafire.


And as bonus, Sekkenya's Year-End Present 4


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Hell Yeah was awesome. Hell Yeah and Told Me both rocked.
The new version of Senaka was pretty cool too.
Parsee's Theme sounded so much like a Shuzou song. It was a very fun arrange.

If any of you use IRC, check out #soap on rizon. Idle around.

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Shuzo & Beatmario singing Paru to Batoru was probably my favorite track, but ROOTS was quite cool as an instrumental track.

>> No.1288   [Delete]   [Edit]

hngg I'm dying from UFO Romance.
hellnian's drums are so gorgeous.

>> No.1290   [Delete]   [Edit]


Flowering Night this year!

>> No.1293   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh mannnn I hope sekkenya will be there. I haven't been keeping tabs recently, any word about if they've picked up a new bassist?

>> No.1295   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, Ino came back to work with them on Hell Yeah so it's possible he might be returning.

they also updated on their site that they're making a CD to release at Reitaisai 8, so I'm sure they've got somebody now.

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This isn't important, but I think one of the older songs I'd like to hear redone is D-89. I keep finding it stuck in my head and while it's a great song, I'd like to hear it updated.

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I'd love to hear a CD-quality recording of the duet version of D-89 Atsushi and Shuzo do in the live performances.

Oh yeah, saw a vid on youtube today for another group doing a live rehersal with some Vocaloid music, and Igarashi was there as their bassist!

>> No.1307   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh do link it if you can, I'd like to see where Igarashi has gone.

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Oh wow, Luschka and hachi are there too. That's awesome.

>> No.1314   [Delete]   [Edit]

ah man I haven't watched any of the DVDs in a long time. I'm overdue.

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Whoa. This year's Flowering Night concert is spanning two days and will have ten bands performing.

I think Cool&Create, Kishida Kyodan and Sekkenya are shoe-ins, and probably SOS and Crow's Claw as well. That still leaves 5 new bands to join the line-up!

My hopes:
Carbonic Acid
Yellow Zebra

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Ahh, would IOSYS really make it in? I kinda thought FN woud stop with electronic music after 07. Not that the music is bad, but bands playing instruments is more interesting than mixers.

>> No.1330   [Delete]   [Edit]

IOSYS did a live concert teamed up with C&C, and miko sings live too.

Today Shuzo posted a tidbit about the CD they're making for Reitaisai 8. The songs on it are from the following games:

EoSD - 2 songs
MoF - 1
SA - 1
UFO - 2
Double Spoiler - 1
Great Fairy Wars - 1

Also, the blog post title is "Vegeta" and he made a DBZ reference, so maybe one of these will be a DBZ parody?

I'm surprised two of the songs will be from EoSD, I thought they already did arranges of most of the songs from there... unless they're gonna do Locked Girl or Rumia's stage theme? They've also covered a lot of the MoF songs too already.

Really looking forward to what they do with the DS and GFW songs.

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I thought I'd post this stuff I quickly wrote for foobar, so that more people can use appropriate tags.


>> No.1354   [Delete]   [Edit]


It's up! Woo!

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File: 1301145186097.png -(519.9 KiB, 572x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

s14.lzh and s15.lzh uploaded.

I'll get to work on some stuff soon. Apparently you might have to fix the tags on those. I wonder if anyone bothers the sekkenya page on touhou wiki anymore...

Grilled keeps finding stuff too, here are some guitar/bass tabs:

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File: 1313649998249.jpg -(229.1 KiB, 450x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just replying to let it be known that we still check this thread. Here's hoping that grilled still comes back here too.

Oh. Kafka Fuura translates sekkenya/zekkenya songs. He just translated Told Me as my request.

Thanks to grilled that I found him. I haven't been hanging around the touhou scene for a while now.

THE ROOTS released another album this comiket. Ino has some interesting songs on it. It's definitely worth a check out! I'll have it uploaded with my tagging sometime soon.

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I'm always here.

>> No.1832   [Delete]   [Edit]

when I get my funds in order I'll buy a dreamhost (wish I bought one during the 4th/July special) and get cracking on making everything smoothed together I guess

I really like Ino's songs alcoholic and Shut your mouth too much.

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