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the fuck

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BL is superior to Yaoi

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BL and Yaoi suck.

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Fucking. Hate. Yaoi.

And I'm a girl. So apparently ETERNAL PARADOX

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Goddammit baka gaijins
It's all the exact same shit anyways, why do you fangirls need so much?

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I've lost all hope in BL.

(except Suzuki Tsuta.)

After about five roughly 7-hour binges, I realized that I was skipping the sex scenes and dropping the series if their relationship being confirmed was unsatisfactory.

I should probably just start reading romance novels or something.

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I hate yaoi and i love yuri.

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i just genraly like my porn to either be porn, or have a fucking story.

but then again i think everything suffers from this, just yaoi a bit more...

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I like straight Touhou pairings, and I like gay TF2 pairings.

I don't like all that Yuri shit.

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>straight Touhou pairings


... Well, there's Rinnosuke, but I don't think he really counts. ¬¬

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oh, he counts.
he counts allot.

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Well, my fav paring is RinnosukexMarisa...

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I don't see anything wrong with this picture.

They have all, hentai/yuri, and yaoi.


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The point is that Yaoi is fucking big enough to get a MAIN category, where loli, yuri, guro, and various others that are so much better than yaoi are crammed into "hentai" That's bullshit. And I bet yaoi shit overflows into that hentai category too. Fucking bitches.

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What's the problem with separation of yaoi from regular straight hentai? I suppose the majority of straight male fans doesn't want to see a dozen of yaoi doujin covers before finding the stuff they need. Also lots of lol opinions here. Take it easy, folks.

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ya'll postin in a troll thread

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looks pretty popular, should i make a yaoi board?

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Better how exactly? It's all porn, I don't see what difference it makes.

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You just mad because you're a yaoi faggot.

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