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Let's get serious for a sec. How do you view your NEET lifestyle? How did you get into it? How do you sustain yourself? Do you hate/love/not mind it? Do you have any perspective for a stable future or changing your ways? Share as many of your thoughts as you like!

Myself, I should start with the admission that I am not, in fact, a NEET. However, since I have many stereotypical nerdy/shut-in/NEET hobbies and am a natural loner as well as really REALLY lazy, I have come to romanticize the NEET lifestyle, perhaps greatly distorting my view of it (hence this thread). I'd really love to just give up and live the rest of my life in quiet obscurity, but not only would I lose essential income, but also disappoint my parents. As such, all I can hope for is having my hours cut down to near-part time level to get more alone time.

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I don't like it. I want to break free, but the world is scary. It's hard for me to go outside, without thinking that everyone is mocking me.

NEET is murder. If you don't work sooner or later, you will die. Everyone will die, but those who work will live longer, in the case of a non-accident life. Now, the views on whether living longer or dieing sooner is up to the individual...

I'm happy to consider more questions for you.

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I'm (currently) a NEET. It's a product of my own laziness and anxiousness at getting a new job (last one left a sour taste in my mouth).
The quietness is nice. The enormous amounts of free time to pursue my hobbies is fantastic. But I can't really say I'm "happy" - I know I'm disappointing my parents and my friends...and myself. I know I should go get a job, but...why? When I worked, my entire life was sleep eat work eat sleep eat work eat sleep eat work eat sleep. On weekends I was so beat down and depressed with my life, I'd just sleep the days away anyway, with no energy or drive to seek out friends or fun.
I guess either way, my life will be shitty and unfulfilling - getting a job is just the more socially acceptable way to live a depressing life.
I wish I could win the lottery or something - no need to be a billionaire...I just want enough so I can live frugally for the rest of my life without working. Gosh, wouldn't that be nice? Not gonna happen, though.

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I'm not a NEET.


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(told you there'd be a NEET whining thread)

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So true. I guess the only way for unambitious loners is to work a low-qualification part-time job that leaves you sufficient free time. But even that would probably crush your parents or anyone else who expects things from you, even though they should know that not everyone is cut out for or happy with a successful career nowadays.

I'm actually in training as a mid-level public servant office worker and there's a chance I will never even be given a choice to work less than full-time. If that happens, I'm fucked.

It sucks that there seem to be very few options between working a soul-crushing 40-hour week and being an unemployed leech.

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I am a NEET. I go to online school due to my migraines and am usually too tired to go out even if I want to (just last night, I was going to go movie shopping--I fell asleep).

I'm a totally happy/optimistic person, but I really would like to be able to go somewhere every day and come home with funny stories to tell, or spend money on cute clothes that will be worn instead of just sitting in my closet. I want to meet someone who actually shares my interests so I have motivation to get out of my house--please, just give me a cute (and possibly lesbian because ... well, a cuddle every once and a while would be sweet..) girl who likes horror movies and animu. She can live within 40 minutes of my house. Please, NEET Gods, please.

...that won't happen, though, so I'll just keep myself happy by shooting zombies and eating gummy worms. :D

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You are not NEET. Dumbass.

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...ah, right, because of the online school. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time.

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NEET is a disease. Die worthless leech scum.

But the worst is those who lie. You are worse for posing as NEET when you go to school.
Furthermore, you are not NEET if you are on summer vacation, you are not NEET if you school online, NEET is:
Not in
Education or
Dumbass weeaboos. NEET isn't even a japanese term.

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I wish I could be a NEET for a while. I went straight out of high school into uni and then picked up a job as well. I'd love to be able to take a year off from uni and work and just do nothing. I envy you guys.

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Like that, you will be a NEET.
Oh, a little girl you say~?

Well, as you guys may see, i'm not a NEET, i'm a wannabe NEET, because i still have to go to school, and go out to other places, BUT, i only do those things because my parents are still alive. I know that they just want the best for me, but sometimes they shout out on me, and even saying: "Sometimes i want to punch/kick you!" <--my mom's phrase.
Yep, i'm not old enough to get a job, still on the 1st year of High School, wich is killing me.
I wanna live alone, so hard.

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I'm a NEET and i'm not terribly crazy about Animu & mangoes.

Wat do?

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From the other side of the fence being a NEET seems like an enviable lifestyle. I haven't had any serious time off in the last 16 years, I'd love to be able to just forget about work and school, lock myself up in my room and be a useless piece of shit all day and play all these game I haven't had time for. Just not possible while I'm living without anyone to support me.

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I guess I would be considered NEET. I was diagnosed with depression and CFS and dropped out of college a few years ago. Now I live off of a monthly stipend from my parents. I have a little apartment, no car, no job, no real-life friends, and probably no future.

I feel like I'm disappointing the world, but it's hard to do anything when your body might not let you. Like I haven't been able to follow a regular sleep schedule in years. I usually sleep for 12-14 hours at a time, but I can never predict how long I'll stay awake. Sometimes it's 2 hours, sometimes it's 20. That's why I'm no longer in college. I kept sleeping through classes and exams (I'd ignore my alarms or turn them off in my sleep).

I only leave my apartment two or three times a month. There's a Walmart and a supermarket right behind my apartment, and since both are open 24 hours I get all my groceries and supplies late at night when no one else is around. Other than that, I'm always inside with my curtains drawn. I used to watch TV a lot, but now that my computer's fixed I'm back to spending time online.

I feel like in a couple years I'll hit a point where I'll never be able to be a 'normal' human being again, even if all my physical/mental issues magically disappear.

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OP was answered.

NEETs: we know your lives suck. Don't make them worse by whining about them. It only makes us hate you more. Instead, seek some therapy to help with your issues, or just try to spend a little bit more time outside each day, working up to being able to deal with things normally.

Those envious of NEETs: Don't be envious of that, be proud of your worthy life. NEET's feel terribad all the time, you do not want that. Watch "Welcome to the NHK"

Thread is locked. To be more clear, don't whine on /n/. It's for discussion about weeaboo things, it's not a personal blog.

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