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The director of Paprika, Paranoia Agent and Perfect Blue died...

I think Uboachan of all places should know. I didn't see a thread about this. And this seems to be the only appropriate place to put this. (still technically /a/ anyway)

Sort of hard to believe really... He was really good at making surreal things, well, surreal. He will be missed.

(move it if you want to, mods.)

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50 posts too late there, man


I'm going to take some time this weekend to rewatch Paprika and Perfect Blue and maybe try and download Paranoia Agent or something.

We'll miss you, buddy ;_;

Last edited 10/08/25(Wed)18:52.

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This guy uploads the episodes in really good quality.

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I figured. Ah well I guess you can merge this or whatever mods.

I'm going to watch Paprika again. And finally understand Paranoia Agent.

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