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drr drr drr, something's slowly coming this way!

let's discuss Junji Ito's manga
(ex. uzumaki, gyo, The Enigma of Amigara Fault, ect)

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Oh good god, I got curious so I looked up the manga... I kinda wanted to sleep too
I'm reading his other stuff now and I have to say he has a very distinct way of drawing facial expressions

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Yeah, I love his stuff, his art is always really really cool. I haven't read everything (mostly what the op said and a few others) but he's definitely one of my favorite manga artists. Also his ideas are pretty cool and creepy. The one about grease freaked me out X D

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I can't wait for the Gyo anime.

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I am afraid to go to the bathroom, Uzumaki was terrifying.

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ah, gyo's gettin an anime? cool. Rather see one for uzumaki or Amigara fault, though

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Uzumaki already had a movie...

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Uzumaki had a shitty live action movie. Booger-chan wants an anime. Big difference.

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Exactly. A live action of anything by Junji ito honestly sounds like a terrible idea, everything is so unrealistic and stuff that it's impossible to re-create it in real life without it looking cheesy. But seeing it animated? That sounds awesome.

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I thought it was fun. in any case these stories are never going to scary... I mean uzumaki is my favorite story of his as well but they already gave it the multimedia treatment, why not do another series now?

anyway isn't gyo the one with amigara fault?

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It was a bonus so they might make it as an extra episode or just skip it entirely, since there were two bonuses

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Gyo was my least favorite thing by Junji Ito, the only part I liked was the GASHUNK shark, the rest was just all farts and death and stuff, it was more depressing than anything. Didn't it have a movie too, though?

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