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Hey /n/, I saw a anime movie once that was kinda.. weird. I think I found it on ubuu, but now I cant find it. It was two gangster kids who kidnapped a hooker. She had a anal ring and when she shat, she basically converted that shit into gold. Anyone remember the name?

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This sounds interesting.. lets hope someone here knows what it's called because I want to give it a go.

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While normally I don't post here, I do want to post in this thread.

I MIGHT know what you want. Let me see... Was this whore dark skinned with blue lips and blue hair, usually in pig tails? And one of the two gangster "kids" was in love with her?

I know that the movie I'M talking about is Korean. I thought it was posted somewhere on Uboachan a pretty long time ago. That's what I remember... Otherwise, I don't know if I can help you.

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Just watched this for the weird factor. It was suprisingly better than I expected.

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