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O K so i made this list of animu i really wanna watch, but i don't know if some of these are absolute shit so.

Welcome to NHK
The Girl Who Lept Through Time
Angel Beats!
Spice & Wolf
Shakugan no Shana
Macross Frontier

pic unrelated

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if you're going to watch Angel Beats!, either don't watch the last episode or somehow dig up the OVA/extra bits. last episode was poop on a stick. and not the good kind of poop, just the sort of average kind of poop where you really don't get any relief it's just like "Oh, look, my daily poop".

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The first two you listed were the best two you listed. all the rest are just average shows you would expect from average anime producers. nothing special, imo.

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Welcome to the NHK, Durarara


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Durarara? That sounds like Hyurarara.

There should be an anime called Hyurarara about Kyurem.

Last edited 11/06/18(Sat)17:21.

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Shigofumi was really disappointing. There are few stories (+one main story) presented in totally unconvincing manner. They have no relation whatsoever, except for this girl who delivers letters from the dead. Derp. Sounded cool, but it was complete turn-off.

Still, if you ignore all the flaws, few episodes were quite nice.

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Durarara is quite similar to Haruhi where you need patience to watch all the episode to actually understand what's going on.

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is just a feature-length film, it's sweet and the character designs/art is quite nice.

er, though, if anybody can say that DRRR!! is really any good, tell me. I tried watching it but it feels like a less interesting Japanese version of Baccano!. Love the art though.

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Durarara! gets pretty cool after a couple of episodes, it's neat seeing the connections between all the seemingly un-related events, but that's mostly in the 1st half. I think the 1st half is a bit better, but watch the whole thing.

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Durarara is the best.
Watch it.

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i know this wasn't on my list, but i finished watching the OVA 'Amazing Nuts!'
I recommend it
gonna watch Welcome to NHK next i guess

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