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Hey, are there any ex-neets out there who miss being neet?
I know I do. The college course I'm on kind of sucks, it's supposed to be an art course (drawfag here), but it's more paperwork than anything. I've gotten to a point where I can hardly cope anymore, I feel awfully uninspired and I just want to have time for doing what I want again.
Sorry about the rant there, but the TL;DR point is, ITT stories of how you miss being a neet, or just stories about your current neet life.

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Fuck yeah I miss it.

I fucked it all up and joined the military.

As soon as I get out in 3 years or whatever I'm going to fucking stay in the house forever.

Going to be a lazy shit bag when I get out into the civilian world again


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Currently NEET, have been non-neet before (more-than-full-time jobs, etc).

I wish there was a happy medium - where not only are you working and making enough to live on, but you also have lots of free time to sit at home. I hate being a TOTAL neet because I sort of lose respect for myself when I'm not working. But I hate having a full-time job because I feel like my entire week is just get up, work and be forced to be around people, go home, sleep, do it all again. And then I'd just use the weekends, to do essential shopping and getting shit done around the house. What kind of life is that?? But being a neet is no kind of life (for me, personally) either. I treasure my alone-time and need lots of it, but when I'm not forced to work, I withdraw from people so badly it becomes unhealthy.

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I used to be a neet

but then I got over it

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I agree with you, I don't want to be a full-time neet either. But it would be really nice to have some time to do your own thing too... I have had a full-time job as a cleaner, and it wasn't cool. Get up at 5 every morning, clean grown people's shit out of at least ten toilets (you'd think adults would be a bit more hygienic than school kids), scrub floors and empty bins... Go home, be too tired to do anything fun, go to bed again.
I want to try being a freelance illustrator, but at the same time I'm worried no one will want my work. I guess I wouldn't mind working nine to five either, if I was doing something I love.
Pic... unrelated?

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What's there to miss? I felt like a lazy piece of shit.

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I was a neet because of severe mental illness, lolol

Real life kind of blows but it beats those days all to hell and back

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I'm still a NEET but i have income from playing the stock market

i have lots of free time and i use that free time to do research on stocks

i'll only do research whenever i want to 'cause no one forces me to earn money anyway

doing research and buying stocks doesn't require me to get out of my room so i'm all good.

Last edited 11/05/23(Mon)22:36.

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That sounds alright, you have your own income and things. I wish I had that kind of skill! My attempts at getting an education so far have failed miserably, so I don't know how I'm supposed to get a job nowadays...

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don't worry dude, i didn't graduate high school either

i'm a full time hikikomori too (7 years and counting)

the last time i get out is to get my brokerage and bank account done.

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Teach me your ways. D:

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1559,1569 here

If you live in America and want to trade American stocks (NYSE, NASDAQ)

you can start trading with virtual money, like a stock market game. It's free, here.


also keep in mind that the real thing is different, but it does work the same way if you hold it for more than few days.

Then i suggest you go here for various brokerage recommendation. It depends on your net worth and trading styles.


for more information i suggest you watch educational video at http://www.investopedia.com/
those videos really help me a lot, even now.
The video is very easy to understand and fun to watch, even kids can watch it without getting bored.

Last edited 11/06/05(Sun)12:54.

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>starting school again


>bump this thread ;_____;
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ugh, i miss being a hikikomori so freaking much. :\ i make a lot of money and am doing well in school but it's so amazingly stressful and it's all impossible to escape without getting evicted.

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I used to never leave my house when I was in middle school, high school, and college. Right now, I'm working full time at a restaurant. I like it in that I don't have to deal with customers, but the servers annoy the hell out of me, plus the environment is really stressful. Every few days, I just want to leave there forever and crawl into my bed and not have to do anything ever again. I miss back when I was in school and during the holidays I'd just stay in my room all the time. I know it's not for everyone, but the real world is so scary and stressful for me that I'd rather lock myself away from it...

I guess it's better than the alternative...I don't want to die, but I definitely don't want to be a part of this world.


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