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Medamaude is a right hand, and Monoko's hand on her head is a left hand. Monoko has five arms sticking out of her body, and a bleeding eye. The Medamaude effect (and I assume Medamaude, can't find a pic of him though) is a hand with an eye in the center.


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this game has tons of hands in it, medamaude and monoko are not the only ones

probably not a coincidence - it's just to keep in theme with this creepy hand theme.

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Someone should draw fanart of Monoko and Medamaude Madotsuki high fiving, or shaking hands, or bro fisting.

Also I think there is a world with pairs of hands.

I just wanted to point this out as a detail I noticed. I don't really theorize shit. It's probably just thematic.

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