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I've kept this under wraps for a long time, and I feel it's finally time to let everyone know. I'll keep it quick, since I need to make a news post. As always, ask questions, and I'll answer to the best of my ability!

We have a decent amount of talented persons here at uboachan, musicians especially. One of the coolest things I've ever thought of was a netlabel (like OCremix or Maltine Records). I feel that uboachan's musicians are creative enough to do remix projects. If you make music and feel like you want to help out uboachan, send us some tracks! We're using Bandcamp as a medium here, the tracks will be free unless we somehow break Bandcamps limit of 100 downloads a month. This also allows a way for users to donate to the site, if ever so inclined! We don't need the money, but we will use it to help out our musicians and other artists grow whenever possible. Again, that is -if- anyone wants to donate. The focus here is on the music, we want to centralize the creative masses to something they can be proud of.

Here's the site, and one of our potential artists!

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>potential artist

Yay this is the best thing.

Is the label going to be DIY? I can throw in my hat for mixing/mastering.

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this is why I wish I was a super awesome indie music producer.
I have made one or two things, but on audiotool. therefore I feel inferior.

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Oh wow this sounds like it'll be pretty cool! I don't have musical prowess, but I'll be sure to download the album once it's finished.

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Oi! I'd love to join in. I've got a CAD U37 mic, and can give you instrumentals for alto sax, classical guitar, cello, and flute. I also have training in music and jazz theory, so if you need help with that stuff... Yeah, you get it.

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>alto sax
>classical guitar
>jazz theory

hhnnggg do want. I need to make a yn remix now.

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It won't just be one album if I can help it. Things have been busy with life all around lately though, so I haven't been able to post anything. I'm sorry about that.

Keep this thread bookmarked guys!

keep in touch, I can think of some cool things being needed by people like you :)

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uhhh. i have some basic knowledge of FLstudios
I'll see if i can whip up anything that would be worth putting here
arent most YN songs just loops anyways? I'm not really sure how in depth someone could go with music remixes, but I'll surely try my hand

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Looping a YN track for 5 minutes doesn't constitute as a remix.

Check out 24EFFECTS if you really think it's that simple.

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