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Hello everyone, If you have a Psp with custom firmware you're more than likely aware that you can change the sounds that are made while scrolling through your XMB (cross media bar) also known as a system_plugin.rco file or "click sound" here's a sample of what can be done


So I had a plan to make a Yume Nikki themed sound set for firmware 6.39.
(If any other firmware is wanted I'll try to work on that too.)

So far all I have is the scream noise when Mado stabs and the Cat effect noise.

I'm asking for you guys to post up all the sounds you'd like to hear in the system_plugin.rco, once I'm done making the file I want to share it here with the Yume Nikki community.

So far for what I have planned is

Cursor move sound - popping noise when scrolling through the menu/Mado walking noise

Normal okay sound - Ding noise when selecting something in menu

cancel sound - dame or buri noise when an action cannot be done

Category select sound - effect select sound

Option sound - Cat effect sound

Error sound - Scream sound

If you feel like contributing and please do, upload the files here so I may download them.
there is no signing up to use this website it comes in handy quite a bit.


looking forward to this project coming through.
Suggestions are open as well.

-Posted in /yn/ as well-

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