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okay, so I'm a complete dumbass and used system restore on my laptop, and for some reason it deleted a shit ton of my pictures. as well as clearing out every file in whatever fangame I might have downloaded - L C D_D E M, Yume 2kki, .flow, even Yume Nikki itself - except for the RPG_RT.exe and the config settings.

while I have no idea why it was so particular in wiping files, I don't mind re-dowloading these games and getting all of my effects back. except for Yume 2kki, as many of the important effects are a bitch to get now with recent updates. so could someone be ever so kind and upload their save file for Yume 2kki? that's all I need. <:3c

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also, sort of unrelated, but I have no idea why this thread never appears unless you go to page 1, then back to 0. huh.

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I need a save file for yume nikki too, i had to factory reset mine, and lost my save data >.>

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