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I downloaded Saya-chan's Yume Nikki OST the other day and was inspired to transcribe sheet music for it. Here is the final product: 5 pages with about 30 of Yume Nikki's music tracks and sound effects transcribed for the piano. It should include all the pieces with anything resembling a melody--obviously not all the music in Yume Nikki can be played on a piano. The original filenames are on the left above each piece, and the common title is on the right with the track number from Saya-chan's soundtrack download.

(Minor Update: I messed around with the file's format a little because the bottom got cut off when I printed it out. Hopefully that problem should be fixed now.)

In the interest of saving space, I only printed each loop once, and most of the tunes with multiple voices have been put onto one staff. As they are now, very few of the pieces would stand alone well, but I imagine having this will make life a bit easier for anyone wanting to make remixes/arrangements.

I guess this post can serve as a short introduction as well: I found out about Yume Nikki a year or so ago, but didn't ever play it until last week (because I'm a lazy bum and I didn't want to mess around with Wine on my Mac at first). I play the piano, and I really like video game music.

And if anyone is curious, I made the sheet music with a program called LilyPond.


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awesome dude !
downloaded :D

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Please, let me suck your dick

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You're welcome, everyone!

Now I've got sheet music for "火星在住" from 24EFFECTS for you.



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