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Hey guys, is there an English patch for .flow anywhere?

I got rtp2000 going and I got .flow working in Japanese but is there an English patch anywhere?

Also, is .flow finished or not? I got yume 2kki but deleted when I saw it wasn't done.

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.flow v.09 in English, let me know if anything doesn't work. :)

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so, i have rtp2000, and start the game.
it works until I have to press space or enter when you press "flow".

then it crashes. the error message is written in ?
but I have a installed japanese fonts.

what to do?

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Did you change your system locale yet? I know you have the language pack installed, but if you don't have your system locale changed(or if you aren't using applocale) then it won't work.

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now everything is working!

btw, what are the controls?
i cant find them. I look like a noob.

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I'm glad you got it to work!
If I remember correctly:
Z to interact
X to access your inventory/menu screen
and hold down Shift to use effects.

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whats the current japanese version? and if its newer, is there an updated english one?

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That's the current version

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I'm running Applocale, and I still get the error message when I press enter. I'm running Windows Vista; what do I do? I'm in need of desperate help.

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File: 1303595778198.png -(16.4 KiB, 313x216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I need help

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