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Here's a directory dumping app for you guys. It's command-line only (I couldn't write a gui for this if my life depended on it) but it's fairly straight-forward.

Enter your name, link, subject and comment as you normally would. If you're posting pictures only you don't need to fill any of these out.
For board directory, ignore the /s. If you're dumping on /ot/ just enter ot.
For parent thread, enter the number of the thread you want to post in, not the number of a post in the thread. For now this can't handle starting a new thread but I'll look into it.
Remember to enter a password. Not strictly necessary but if you mess up it makes my job easier if you can delete your own misposts.

When it starts up it spits out a lot of code. Don't panic! It's still working. If it looks like this:
<html><body><a href="ot/wakaba.xhtml">basement/wakaba.xhtml</a></body></html>
That means the post was successful. Any different and it means the post has failed, usually because of a duplicate file. There's no other reason for it to fail so don't worry about it. It'll also close itself when it's done dumping.

NOTE THAT THIS WILL TRY TO UPLOAD -EVERYTHING- IN THE FOLDER YOU POINT IT TOWARDS. Any filetypes that aren't accepted will just fail to upload so you can ignore those for the most part but it might slow things down.

Now this is a very powerful tool I'm handing out. The mods are going to be keeping a careful eye on everyone using this, of course it's fine to dump pictures but if we feel like anyone's abusing it we'll do something about it.

if you have any trouble with it ask us in IRC for help. Shouldn't happen though.

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