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File: 24EFFECTS.zip -(34.1 MiB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Yume Nikki remix album by various artists.
Ripped all songs off Nicovideo.
No tags or anything in .mp3s

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These are awesome. ilu OP <3

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Excuse me for bumping an old thread, but the zip doesn't work for me :V I get an error and the zip only contains an mp3 named "preview" or something like that.
I'd rip it off Nico myself, but the nico link just leads to a deleted mylist. If someone could re-upload it (I don't mind if it's here or on rapidshare/megaupload/mediafire) or even just post Nico links I'd love you forever.

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It got removed from Nico, and you're doing something wrong, because this is still fine.

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File: 1246821715543.jpg -(22 KiB, 551x301) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is the error I get :/

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NVM, I was able to find the individual songs using a bit of Google-Fu and NicoSound

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Uhm... All the text on the website is unreadable (odd characters) and I don't really have a nico account. Could you help me out?

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File: 1247006553326.jpg -(131.1 KiB, 1112x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That has all the 24EFFECTS songs.
To get a song, click the one you want, you'll be brought to a page like this one in my image. Click the button I've circled and you'll get an MP3. You can preview the song by hitting the play button (I'm fairly sure you don't need a nico account to use the preview, which only plays the sound).

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YOU ROCK. Thank you!

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I found a torrent the other day for a legit upload of this album. I fixed up every tag since they were all brokenfail, found the scans, etc. So I compiled it in a .rar and figured I should share it with you lovely people.


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thank you for posting these! I enjoyed them.

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Simply Amazing

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I was just going to post about how much I love correct tags and how I was going to have some trouble manually inputting the tags because their website doesn't mention the track 00, but I believe this link is better than that!

Thank you so much and here, have this necrobump.

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