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If you want the program to run at startup, Vista has a folder in the start bar that's probably hidden you can put the program in.

It's relatively simple to use, though the RAM usage ranges from 700kB to 8MB.

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i love you <3

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I want that the program run at the startup in windows

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The instructions are in the first post, though if you can't follow them, open My Computer, type "Startup" in the address bar, and move the program there. It will immediately run on startup.

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How do I change settings if I've opened it once?

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Running this on XP and so far have encountered UBOA a grand total of zero times during the course of my entire day.

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Uh... how do i stop it? XD
I tried to use ESC, but it was useless, alt+f4 closes the "video" but i can still hear the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA XD

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Open your task manager and go to the processes tab and find UBOAAAA.exe and end processes.

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Double click your screen.

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Did you start the program? If you intend to have it start at startup, did you designate it as so?
It should take roughly 2-4 hours for it to show up.

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Move the program to a different directory.

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How do you get this program to run on startup on XP?

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I want to know this too.

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One day, I'm going to forget about it, and it's going to pop up and scare the living crap out of me while I browse late at night.

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Any way to make it louder? I almost always have music playing, so the noise factor doesn't scare me since it doesn't get louder than what I'm listening to.

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Great for a joke xD i'm going to try it on my mom's computer =P

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