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Hey guys, I'm looking for the one track from YN that goes like this:

"Doodle, dehhdle deedle deedeedee... Doot... Doodle, dehhdle deedeedee... DooDEEDLE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE."

That's how it goes, I've got no idea what it's called. It's not a fast track, so if you could sound it out and at least give me the name, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks guys.

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Do you know where the track is played?

It sounds like the Desk Saving Music to me, but that just may be me..

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Aha, yeah it's the saving tune, I just found it. This is brilliant. Are there any remixes or extensions of it out there?

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Yes, there's a remix of it, but I can't remeber what's the track name from the the album "24 EFFECTS" where there's a remix of that bgm.

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The song itself is a shortened version of Pachelbel's Canon.

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Really? I myself can't make the resemblance...

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listen to the "bass" if you know what I mean. it's just the main 8 well known notes from pachelbels canon.
It's note progression is used a lot, and also it's generally popular with doujin groups. it's also in 【FC】BGM_001. Also 403.

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