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I've searched... but I can't find a simple DL for Yume 2kki translated in English.
Anyone help?

Last edited 10/06/19(Sat)17:36.

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Whould it make that much of a difference? I mean... there isn't really much text in the game. I think it's only the effects, and the menu?

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I don't think there's an english translation of Yume 2kki.

But i would like a simple, no hassle download. Last time i messed around with Applocale it actually corrupted my Yume Nikki file.

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File: Yume2kki_0.086e_eng_with_runtime.rar -(50.4 MiB, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here you go. READ THE README!

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OH MY GOODNESS, IT WORKS! I have been trying for AGES to get 2kki to work. Thank you so so so much!

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