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Was looking through my drawer of Pinky St parts today and got inspired.

She looks so grouchy. Once I get some better paints, I hope to redo her. All of my mr.color paints dried up, so I was stuck with acrylics.

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Uh, I thought that it's cute.
Just... close her eyes. :3

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Well, at least you have some artistic skill than the rest of this imageboard.

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If an eyes closed pinky head comes out, I'll use it, but I don't have the confidence to mod a head that extensively. |D

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I'm a horrible fan. I noticed Aegis on the background before noticing her eyes were open.

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i do belive that a eye's closed face has come out, but i may be wrong.
i would use a winking bace instead.
(i only know the english names for them sorry)
what modle face are you useing for her? it looks like mary's to me or sue's.
i look forward to her repainting...where might be her hands?

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Her hands are there, same peachy color as always.

She is PK011 - Rui. There is no closed eyes pinky, although Mayura is winking and PK20 has half-opened eyes which might be more suitable for Madotsuki with some repainting (PK20 has heavy eyeshadow). I don't really want to repaint my pinky heads. Maybe if I have spares in the future.

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I spy with my little eye, Aigis <3

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Oh yeah Aigis <3

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