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That's kind of really adorable.

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yes medamaude-looking art awesome yes

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Kinda looks like the person in FC world, if you interpret it as a girl with one eye ( rather than a person with an eye for a face )

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that is an interesting thought. I like that.

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That is the true might of pixel graphics, it can do such things.
The thought itself wasn't mine, there artwork of that girl, too.

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oh, i thought it moreso as dream-representations.

oftentimes dreams exaggerate or deviate from reality, that sort of thing.

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File: 1315502045564.jpg -(9658 B, 637x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I meant this NPC.

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yeah, he's pretty cool (:

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I'm guessing you only see the black head with the pink eyeball. Look carefully. Famiko also looks like a girl with a missing eye and long black hair.

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Here it started.

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