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What do you think that is the meaning behind Madotsuki's name? "Window". What is the metaphor of this?

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Her parents really liked computers.

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Why is Mado standing on the wall in that picture?

Or does she have windows on the ceiling?

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We, the players, are watching her through the game window. :P

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/t/ time!

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She is the window through which we see the dream world.

(Edit: as far as my Japanese knowledge goes, "Madotsuki" does not mean window (it would be just "mado"), but it's a rarely used word for aperture/some other kind of small opening.)

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"mado" means window, "tsuki" means moon... I dunno.

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no, my friend.
Madotsuki doesn't even mean window, it's pretty much an aperture, or the window on an envelope. or, it could be like, usotsuki is liar, so madotsuki could be window-person or something odd.

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Madotsuki means "windowed / of window"

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She's a window

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Yup. To your soul.

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Because of her shirt.
Also, she is the window through which we see her dream world.

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Is this really so complicated to understand?

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It isn't at all, wouldn't you agree?

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