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I'm pissed. I need someone to explain me this ok? I played Yume Nikki, and found a little gem, unique obscure game. But when it comes to the fanbase I'm like "what the fuck happened here". It's frustrating to see this game being raped by anime-cutely doujin stuff everywhere. Seriously, what the fuck? Like the game was not abstract and obscure enough to avoid its misinterpretation? It's all about that, misinterpretation: when some takes a dialog-less subconscience exploration game and turns into a vortex of cuteness, anime openings, shitty fangames, and thousands of theories that make no sense at all. Yeah, I could be days complaining about the theory stuff, but there's just so much to say.

At this point you must be either agree or hating me, but really, think about it, Yume Nikki has nothing to do with the stuff the fanbase does. Look at the fangames. Oh let's put a cute looking anime shemale in a bunch of creepy situations. That's not what's about! Look at the fucking theories!! OH MMM SHE WAS RAPED SO SHE'S LIKE TSUNDERE AND SHY AND DOESNT WANT TO GO OUT OF HER ROOM. Well, I exagerated a bit there, but it's what theories are in a nutshell. The game ain't even finished, not everything has to have a meaning! It's like...doorgghh!! I mean, really, there must be someone out there who understands my point.

Oh, and the hack with the "good" ending, cut me a break, was it too much pain for your sugar soul to see her commiting suicide "OH WE WERE MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS" seriously, fuck that

Maybe you'll see this thread in more sections than this, because this is a slow board and I don't really know wich one is the most active, I really want to know how much fucked up the fanbase is

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> play and enjoy a game from japan
> complain about fan base having eastern influence

I don't know what to tell you, OP. You're complaining about fans of a Japanese game liking other Japanese things.

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why has this been posted in various boards at the same time?

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Fans suck. Most people have already established this.

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The "hack" with the good ending? I dunno OP, had any stairs randomly popping up in your balcony lately?

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Weird fans have weird theories.
I have grown quite accustomed to the weird reception by the fans.
And the fans of a Japanese game have a Japanese take on the art.

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Fans always related everything to themselves and their interests, not what the creator of the game was trying to say.

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I agree with you OP.

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I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet

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>shitty fangames

You lost me there. Granted I only know about 3 popular fan–made sequels.

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I think OP is just a whiner that doesn't understand the workings of the fanbase. Because of the fqact that everything is so blatantly abstract and other-worldly gives Yume Nikki space to be taken in however the fans want to take it in. Being that there are so many takes on this "little gem", it does not surprise me that, once again, fans have an eastern take on an eastern game.

OP here is bitching at us to be smacked in the face with the game (as goes for him whining about theories), to not enjoy the game enough to make similar sequels, and what else? Oh yeah. Why is this same person also complaining about misinterpretation if the creator does not willingly share information about why he made the game the way he did? The world may never know...

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Everything that has room for interpretation can be interpreted.


Hell yes.

>Anime openings

Completely ignored them. Did you watch them?

>Shitty fangames
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File: 1312139432991.jpg -(133.9 KiB, 774x1032) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

oh OP, what fandom doesn't have a shitty fanbace?

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all i hear is "wahh wahh i don't have the same interpretations as the fandom wahhhh"

take your butthurt and go somewhere else.

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I agree on some points OP. Even thought this is not really the place to write this since most people will be against you. People calling you butthurt for you having a different opinion. I think theories are just fun.

>It's frustrating to see this game being raped by anime-cutely doujin stuff everywhere.

I agree. Look at the picture i posted.When i play Yume Nikki, the feeling i get is not something happy or cute. I feel uncomfortable and a bit sad by the games music and graphics. That's what Yume Nikki is supposed to be in my opinion, a dark game. There is nothing cute in this game which makes it a bit frustrating when i want some good looking art but 90% is that "cute" stuff.

But i guess it's inevitable when a Japanese game has a large Japanese fanbase.

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Quote from a Youtube video.

>This is what REAL yume nikki is. Its not a mass raped-anime-kawaii-desu-desu-m­usic-video-with-crappy-anime-i­ntro-music-seccom-masada-loves­-madotsuki-anime-girl-faggotry­. Yume nikk is creepy and absurd.

I completely agree.
This is the song where he mentioned it.

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It's OK for a YN thing to be happy or cute if it is the appropriate area and also has something uncomfortable or just a bit off.

For example, there's the FC world, which is really happy music, but it's only two areas, a yard in front of a house and inside a house, where it plays softer, and leads down into a basement. There's also Toriningen party, which you can't join. There's the Neon world, where everything is hunky-dory, but it's just that the whole place is really weird. There's flute room, but that's bittersweet. Poniko's room is a time bomb. Masada's room is just odd. Something genuinely happy in the game is the Witch event.

Last edited 11/08/01(Mon)07:56.

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Hooray for my wallpaper.




This is based on the chans, so go blame them. Maybe you should go create your own site, called " Nikki-elitists " or " Seriousmasada " without all the japanese culture.
I think it would be boring, the site, that is.

Too high expectations weren't met. Then go do it yourself, only better. I dare you to.

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>mfw people think Yume Nikki was supposed to be a horror game
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File: 1312349923926.gif -(130.7 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What is it supposed to be exactly?

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It's one of those things that's kind of hard to classify.

If anything, I'd say it's "surreal horror/adventure". Surreal horror isn't really much of a genre (at least not in vidya), but the horror in this game is different from the horror of "normal" horror games.

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Oh, you must be new to the internet.

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You mad bro? :3c You seem mad.

Also, just because someone is as depressed and sad as Mado was, doesn't mean she didn't have a single happy, sweet thought in her mind. Thinking like that is for selfish emo whiners like you who need to stop trying to ruin the fun of the game for everyone else. Even the guys on the .flow board aren't this depressing and selfish. Jesus christ man. xD

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We have Oreko and Smile's sister and we don't need any other happy thoughts in the world :>

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>internet kiddie symbols
>your post is invalid, make a new one
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Meh. Just chose something random to be honest. :3c And besides, might as well use an image with the same amount of maturity as the whining OP. 83c


Don't forget Rave World. B3c

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Pretty sure that poster is referring to the :3c and xD

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Ahhh. I'll remember that in the future then. Sorry about that. I still stand by what I said though.

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