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Alright, I want everyone to read the following and try to create your own image of this in your mind. I already have, and I love it! I could
imagine the image being in a movie of some kind.

Madotsuki has been ridiculed by some of her classmates. Unable to take anymore, she comes to class the next day with an ominous grin on her face. Though the class is noisy, she could hear some girls giggle as she opens the door to her homeroom. A boy stares at her boobs to annoy her. Her Sensei, Seccom Masada, doesn't seem to be in the room at the moment. Poniko, Monoko, Monoe (and many others who care about her feelings) watch as she walks in. She stands at the doorway with her head down, instead of going to her desk. A crude comment is made by the boy. Madotsuki looks up and stares at him, as she slowly makes her way over to his desk. The room gets quieter as all eyes are on Madotsuki. She nears the desk and the boy stands up, getting in her face and telling her to sit back down at her desk before trouble comes. Hearing this threat makes her giggle. She suddenly reaches onto something attached to her leg. She grabs it and makes a quick movement. The class screams and stumbles back in horror at the sight of Madotsuki holding a knife to the boy's throat. He too stumbles back into the crowd of students. She starts to go crazy now that she has the knife, she feels she is in complete control over her classmates, friends, and bullies. Watching her go insane, her classmates shiver in fear. She says terrible things, like how she plans to kill everyone in the room. Tears in her eyes, Poniko starts an emotional conversation with Madotsuki, explaining that what the bullies have done to her is nothing compared to what she is about to do. Monoko, scared to death, suddenly screamed "SENSEI!" Seccom Masada Sensei, hearing the commotion, walks into the room, and could not believe his eyes. Half of the class was in one corner of the room, then he saw the knife, and backed up a step. Fearing that any movement could put the students lives at risk, he tries to persuade Madotsuki to put down the knife, followed by small steps forward. This only angers Madotsuki and she makes a statement about how Masada is going to be the first to die. Without warning, she makes a sudden charge at her sensei. With both hands, she takes the knife and thrusts it into Seccom's right hip. The class shrieked. Tears dropped to the floor. Madotsuki was a monster, or atleast she thought she was. There was no turning back now. She had brought a weapon to school, assaulted her classmates, and attacked her
sensei. She was not getting a second chance. Someone was bound to alert the police. She had to make sure no one got out. She started
to cry. She looked at her hands holding the knife, sinking into Seccom's right hip. She withdrew the knife. She could not look at him.
She turns around toward to see classmates (including Monoko) charging toward her. One knocks her to the ground, she quickly stood up
and aimed the knife toward charging classmates. She tries to slash a specific charging student, but Monoko gets in the way. Madotsuki slightly slashes Monoko across the cheek on accident. Monoe comes to her sister's aid, grabbing the knife and trying to pull it out of Madotsuki's hand. A number of students rush over to assist Monoe, Poniko as well. Madotsuki furiously screams as multiple students grab onto her. Two other hands are gripped onto the blade handle, Monoe's and Poniko's. Madotsuki can't hold on to the knife anymore, and finally gives in. She let go of the knife, but the other classmates would not stop until she was restrained. She had gone insane, and she was not going to give up without a fight. Monoko helped restrain her. Monoe and Poniko had helped sit her down on to the floor, though she was still thrashing about and crying at the same time. Poniko grabbed Madotsuki by the shoulders and everyone had suddenly let go. She starts to shake Madotsuki back and forth while yelling at her (not in anger, but in an attempt to get her to come to her senses and realize what she is doing). You see her shed tears while doing so. Madotsuki could not take it anymore......and blacked out. After a
while she wakes up and sees blur. The light hurts her eyes. Everything seems to be calm. She hears whispers coming from right next to
her. She opens her eyes once again, and everything is clear. She looks up and sees her classmates looking down at her, smiling. Poniko
and Monoe seem to have discarded the knife, and Monoko seems to have recovered from the wound. There is no law enforcement, and no one outside the classroom knows of what happened in here. Madotsuki is in the arms of Masada Sensei, whom wipes a loose tear from her eye. She looks up at Masada and smiles back.

Please excuse my English at the end :)

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