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It's not even a name. It means "windowed". Which makes no sense because there aren't any windows in the game except for in Poniko's house and the spaceship (and maybe some others, but they are just as trivial)

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shirt logo iz window

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I too think that it's a reference to her shirt pattern.
Or is it the other way around?
Anyway, there are some theories for that as well that i don't want to list.

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I always thought it was a reference to the fact that she's given little personality, and is instead used as a "window" to her dream world. She's just a main character due to the fact that one is needed.
That, and her shirt.

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Yeah derp

But it's still not a name.

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o rly?

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It's because the game looks best in a window, and Kikiyama was trying to inform people of this.

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Its because the game was made for Windows OS


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Window = outside, freedom, etc. Quite opposite of lonely, isolated, traumatic and other themes found in the game.

She looks inwards (window tattoo sweater) to understand herself.

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If people can name their children "Sitting Bull", I'm pretty sure they can name them after windows too.

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