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In the game Yume Nikki, Madotsuki's eyes seem to always be closed. I've recently seen a pic from pixiv where she's wearing lots of eye liner. Do you think the fan art is wrong, or does Madotsuki just wear lots of eye liner instead of her eyes being closed?

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I think it's the same deal as Koizumi or Konata. Her eyes are open, but her distinctive style makes it look like they're closed most of the time. In other words, they're really open, but you should always draw them as if they're closed unless she's surprised or something otherwise it doesn't really look like Madotsuki.

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I don't think they're closed. If you look at Monoe's sprite, she has similar looking eyes, yet when we get a close up of her face they're open. I think it's mostly a stylistic thing.
No fan art is wrong in that sense, I think. It's up to the artist's interpretation.

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cough*Cat Effect *cough

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>unless she's surprised or something

as in unless her eyes are wide open derp derp derp

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I always thought her eyes were closed because she's asleep and dreaming.

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but her eyes are still closed when shes awake

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She might never really be awake. It's a possibility.

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My theory was that she's really blind, which explaines her unwillingness to leave the familiarity of her room, but freedom to travel anywhere in her dream world... [/t]

But yea, it would make sence...

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Not possible, she writes in a diary..

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yeah - its fun playing NASU blind.

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Not. Doesn't she also "go to sleep" on those randomly placed beds throughout her dreamworld? Why should those be so different from the one in the supposed "real world"?

She doesn't actually fall asleep, she just goes to another area of her dream

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And if she pinches herself, its something like an false awakening?


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She'd believe she was waking up, but instead the pinch would be very much akin to Medamaude's effect, only it made her return to her "real world" bed instead of her nexus

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