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dear 13 year old girls from deviantart, please relocate all of your stupid crayon drawings to /o/
thank you and have a nice day

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Thank you! This is a step in the right direction but what about /uboa/ and /c/?

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But, stupid question: Does this apply to ALL art that you've drawn yourself? (Like, if there's a thread for, idk, MADO IN ROLLERSKATES or something and I have a relevant drawing I did myself, is it kosher to post it? Or does this only apply to starting your own threads?

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i cleaned up those boards too, if i see anymore i'll make a sticky

mado in rollerskates thread is encouraged, and also yes that is just dandy-wandy
but if you want to just post it it better be some fuckawesome rollerskates or its going to be either deleted or relocated to /o/ depending on level of quality

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Awesome, thanks for answering!

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this thread

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butthurt detected

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XD not really, it was me in >>1829 and i approve of this thread so much!... lol

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lol transparency fail.

Also, good idea, OP. Those were getting cluttersome.

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