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This must be the lammest thing you guyz will ever hear about Madotsuki.. But.
Well, I have a dream.

I really want to find some Madotsuki cosplayer, hug her kindly but firmly. And tell her.

"Please, wake up, we are here for you"


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No need to feel embarassed, I'll probably join you with that (as long as it's a good cosplay).

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That'd be hard to find, especially if you're like me and think Madotsuki is fairly young. I'd want to hug her too though ;_;

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I'd actually thought this same thought about Yuki after watching Endless Eight. Now that you mention Madostuki though, she probably needs a hug more than anyone else... so yeah, nothing to be embarrassed of there.

@1047: Have daughter. Name Madostuki. Raise her to love cosplay. Stop making me have silly ideas that I want to make happen.

Last edited 10/04/29(Thu)18:13.

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please do it. do it for all of us.

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I think that's really touching, OP.

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dude its ok i wanted to do the same thing since i started watching the walkthrews for this game

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I'mma mado cosplayer xD but I'd probably stab you with my knife effect and say no.

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First: You are a bitch.

Second: Post a pic of yours cosplay. So we can see if it's worth a hug. Or you will just keep being a bitch nobody would hug anyways.

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TBH I am scared to hug her.

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I cosplayed as urotsuki once, I never got a warm reaction like that. ;__;

..could be because uro's a trippy chainsaw bitch and not a sleepy little kawaiidesu loli like madotsuki, derp.

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>make a whole madotsuki outfit for otakon
>mfw i get a migraine on the day of the con
>mfw i have no face because ipod
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It would be nice going to a cosplayer-infested event of whatever sort and find some 3-4 people who had the balls to cosplay as yume nikki characters.
i would totally join them.

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that'd be sorta a nice thing to do...

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do you mean me?

Anyway, i need to go to japan as soon as possible.

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As a Mado cosplayer, if you hugged me and said that, I think I would start crying from the sweetness. ;3;

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I did not give up yet, bitches!

I'll post a damn pic here when I do it. Just wait.

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I cosplay! Hugs are always nice... :3

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uboachan, the only chan where people can be awkward without being insulted

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All dat Weeaboo.

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I'm cosplaying Madotsuki next week.

Someone get to Australia and hug me.

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