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Is it possible that madotsuki is just a body with no soul that is searching through it's mind and thoughts?

(i say this because of the ghost in hell, yourself in a closet(perhaps another ghost) and the fact that you cannot interact with other objects really other than killing them)


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There's actually a good couple theories about that sort of thing; one in particular is that she was raped/murdered/etc in that room and bound to it as a ghost, and the dreams are her way of dealing/sorting through the issue (eg, the effects are things he gave her to lure her in, and she gives them up), and the end of the game is, effectively, her escape from the room and release.
www.tvtropes.org has an extensive YN section of its Wild Mass Guessing. It's a fun place; I suggest you go there and lose a couple hours of your life. :>

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brb killing time

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Uhh... How did this thread get bumped to the top page???

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To start with my argument, let's think of Madotsuki's room. It could possibly be a one-room apartment. You don't have to think much about her necessities like a bathroom. It is a game. However, everything in this game is consistent as far as the sizing of things. She is living in a tall, slender tower and her apartment is the length of the building when you walk outside. This is important when noting Madotsuki probably lives by herself.

Now, why would a younger girl live by herself like this? I think she would at least have to be 16 in order to live alone like this, probably living on mental disability or something. Sure, there could be a similar sized room beyond her door, but I think it would just be a hallway and/or stairs. Stairs are required in buildings like this for emergency exit, noticeably increasing the size needed for this slender apartment complex. It is harder to assume there would be another room.

Again, it would seem unusual to allow a girl any younger than 16 to live alone like this.

Edit: this probably isn't necessary to note, but she is likely chibi, like all the other people who seem proportioned like her.
2nd Edit: Look at Konata, a high school student!

Last edited 09/06/09(Tue)12:19.

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16 sounds about right to me. she probably scraped together enough money to afford a shitty apartment so she could be completely alone, not have to deal with her parents or anything.

or maybe it's a hotel. maybe she was planning to kill herself ahead of time or just wanted to get away for a few days.

Last edited 09/06/09(Tue)14:47.

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Her family could have abandoned her because of her mental illness and she wants to be alone in her apartment with disability and knows her mental clinic is bound to check up on her to make sure she is safe.

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Hey guys, I'm looking for this one picture of Madotsuki. (I saw it once in a youtube video)
Basically... it takes place after her jump.
She's laying in quite a bent up position on the ground with a bit of blood around her... but she's got this amazing, bright smile on her face...
Please help?

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That's... probably it
I don't remember the name of the video.

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Is this it?

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Ah-ha! That's the one!
That's the very one I'm looking for.

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...Are they cosplaying Virgilia and Ronove? xD

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Oh fuck yes, Umineko/YN crossover

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Figured I'd share these.

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Awesome, although I don't know what the shit's going on here. My interpretation: Madotsuki was schizophrenic, and uh, thought she pushed herself into KyuKyu-kun's father, KyuKyu-sama

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modotsuki looks cute in her sprite form ^_^

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As depressing as that picture is, I've always found it to be a bit OOC. PITYMEdotsuki is kind of-


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Oh gah look at her desk lamp

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