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I see a lot of YN fiction turn out very similar, so here's something to try and break cliches. Hopefully we can have some fun with it, yeah /lit/?

Write a story about YN, whatever length you want. EXCEPT, there's a couple of catches.

1) Choose one effect for Madotsuki to use during the fic and try not to have it be the typical in-game use. I mean, it'd have what it does in the game but think of it in terms of an actual dream.

2) Pick an effect for Madotsuki to Acquire and interpret how she got it. It can't be as simple as a "get," right?

3) if you'd rather, pick any NPC to interact with. Everyone seems to like doing Masada/Monoko/Monoe/Poniko/Uboa because they're the most well known and humanoid/easy to relate with.

I'll be writing one myself and will post it and maybe a companion picture when I am done. I look forward to seeing what other people might write c:

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I encourage this and will probably partake when not working on the yn fiction I'm already on. :3c

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Oho. I have a couple of friends who are working on a YN fanfiction with all of the the above. I'll try to get them to post it.

Last edited 10/07/28(Wed)01:05.

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I put a slash there. "easy to relate with" going with well known because he's a scare archetype 8T

Also, yes, bring writers that would be great!

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well, i'll try it. don't know what it's going to be like.

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I wrote one about Mado getting the stoplight effect from Shitai. Does that count?


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I shalt partake in this. Prepare for my horrible fanfic/interpretation of Mado.

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