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I told you I would grace /lit/ with my first story ever had it been made. Now I shall let this shit flow. I'm highly interested in any comments whatsoever, so please, insight is very welcomed. It's also going to be released in parts and despite how shitty it is, I will put it on my shit webpage

note: these are written on the go, as in, I do no editing and rough draft is final, I'm not a writefag.

note1: shameless eyerecolor of some random girl who fit almost perfectly my description. sorry if I stole your art

note2: part two is up, I'm planning 3 more parts. they may end up shorter than the others.

note3: part three is finally up, I'm getting bored of writing, and running out of random ideas to throw in, I think I'm going to wrap it up quickly

final note: I drew this out much longer than I wanted. It got boring. I tied up everything and kept it true to my original idea. I don't care anymore.

Last edited 10/07/21(Wed)04:39.

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just another payday


the head dropped to the ground with a small thud and bloodsplatter. Alex sighed in distaste as he walked out on the balcony for a smoke. 'should be able to live nicely off of this one'

the target was the head of a music label, the daughter wanted to take over sooner, so it was a hefty pay.

"these bastards don't know when to quit do they..."

Alex walks back in, and then out the front door, the cleaner steps in as he leaves. there was no trouble at all, and the news just reported a freak accident the next day. 'got what she wanted, I guess'

"what is that about daddy" the little girl asked about the tele

"Oh seems that the guy had an accident in the shower or something don't worry your mind baby" Alex replies, knowing he can't tell her about his job, ever, he'd be ashamed. "It's crazy whats on the midday news, good grief"


"lets watch something happier now okay?" he changes the channel to a kids network, airing some educational show about the letter M.

"m!" she exclaims with the show, "daddy my name starts with that!" she was so happy, learning letters and beginning to read

"yes it does Margaret, you have a beautiful name." Alex loved her so much, she was the only thing he had left.

she was the whole reason for his life...
	~8 months ago~

she was just swinging on the swingset in the park, all alone. blond hair, falling a tad below her shoulders, green eyes, and wearing a very pretty but beat up dress, definitely not suited for playing at the park. "what are you doing all alone out here?" alex asked approaching her.

"i dont want to go back" she said, sounding more than a little sad.

"what is it? where do you not want to go back to?"
"mommie and daddy"
"don't you think they're worried?"
"no! they didn't even know I was gone..."

at this point she was crying, so alex embraced her and told her that it would be okay. his apartment was only two blocks away, so he decided to let her come home with him. after a bit of pushing, she detailed that her parents never payed any attention to her, she relied on taking dresses from her mothers dolls for clothing, and she had once almost eaten cat food before she could had gotten fed for that day. she said it's been like this for as long as she could remember. her parents had never enrolled her in school, she couldn't read, and she picked up how to talk from overhearing her parents, however she still could not speak very well. she asked if he was going to take him back, and alex told her she could stay with him. he told her she could take a bath and he'd get some food ready for them.

the only thing he had was a leftover sub from his lunchbreak at sxbwxy, so he had that for her. he couldn't help but take a peek while she was undressing, and not suprisingly, she had bruises on her lowerback and upper arms. alex couldn't take this any more. hatred was boiling inside, 'how could someone hate a child so much?' voices told him what to do and where to go

'kill them, 199x Everdred lane, go now'

he couldn't think any longer, he had to act. leaving the sandwich on the counter, he left without a thought other than vengence. he ran, seemingly without tire, to end the lives of those who were cruel to his new friend. blinded with rage, he thought of nothing but the selfserved justice he would deliver.

that was the first time alex had ever killed.

it was late in the night, on the way back, he thought about what he had done, he could never go back to the normal life he had before, he had to leave town, after the news died down. he would take this girl with him, he couldn't just leave her to the state. no way he could legally obtain her, he just had to keep running, and leave his life behind...

alex returned home, and it hit him, he had just left a naked loli at his apartment with nothing but a sandwich. she was asleep on his bed, nothing on but pantsu. knowing himself, he decided to just sleep in his chair. "damn it all... what have I done..."


the next morning he woke with a little girl cuddled on him. startled, he jumped up and she fell to the floor, waking her up. he asked if she'd like to put some clothes on. she ran in the bedroom to put her dress on and upon coming out, he realized he had never asked her name. nor said his.

"well uh, now that we're both decent," he said "lets learn a bit more about ourselves, I'm Alex. What's your name?"
"i don't know"
"well you have to have a name. Well, how about we call you Margaret?"
She looked confused, but, "okay! Maget!"
Alex snickered, "we'll work on that, how old are you little Margaret?"
"i dunno." while scrathing her nose
"well, I guess that's generally unimportant.... listen, you want to live with me? I'm way better than your lame-o parents."
She nodded happily.

the news reported the death of the couple a few days later, but there was never any news of the missing girl. not suprising, seeing all the neglect to her, it's probable nobody knows she exists. seemed like it was time to get ready to hit the road, though, so the planning started...

'shes so cute,'
'I can't I can't I can't,'
'go on man, she doesn't exist to anyone, no consequences,'
'no no no no,'

they took the bus 3 weeks later, headed for anywhere, no aim. last stop was a coastal city so they hit the streets there. they found a no-questions motel, and alex decided they would stay there for a while. after another week, still with no job, money is low, stress is high, Margaret still cuddling close to him at night, all alex wants is to provide for her. 'she's everything to me' leaving her alone once again, he sets out to settle his money issues.

alex would kill again.
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"Where is she!?"

Rage boiled through Alex as he bumrushed through all the goons, punching so hard that his opponents organs melted.

"What did you do with her!?"

Broken bodys and torn limbs littered his path as he searched for the one he loved the most. "Who the hell do you think I am!?" He ripped someones spine out and beat others with it. Nothing would stop him from finding her.

The smarter goons started running after that stunt. Few got away, some dissintegrated, and others were hit so hard they molecularly fused with various objects. Alex's rage was beyond controllable, and there was no turning back for him.

Finally having reached the roof, Ryan stood waiting. "Is this cliche enough for you Alex?"

"No way in hell you asswipe!" Alex ran torwards Ryan with enough force to rip the space-time continuum. Existance shattered and continuing his force, Alex broke the boundaries of probability and returned the universe to normal, and punched Ryan's arm into the 8th dimension.

Ryan didn't care. "Alex, do you remember those that you've killed for the sake of that girl?"

Alex ripped Ryan's other arm off and beat him with it until it exploded. Ryan just stood there in his bloody mess and smirked. Alex's rage cause his body to implode and he woke up from his nightmare.

Margaret was sitting over him, and he was drenched in sweat.
"what happened?" she asks
"I... just had a nightmare."
"well you're all sweaty... it's gross"
"Hey, you're the one who climbs into MY bed when you have a perfectly good one."
"well, you were yelling things..." And she went back to her room.
"Well excuuuse me, princess."

Alex woke up being cuddled once more.

'life is perfect.'
'rape her'
'she probably wants it'
'do it.'

Distraught, he gets up and readies himself for the day.

'I need to get my head straight, she's prepubescent for gods sakes.'

Fashion designer Monotoli is todays target. Monotoli has been stealing designs from rival designer KanyenortH. Neil set up a false meeting at Seaside Beuger's VIP room. The meeting is at 9:13 sharp. Monotoli is planned to be dead by 9:22.

'we'll be set for so much longer after this, Kanye and Monotoli are huge.'
'yeah, rolling in the dough'
'then you should rape her'
'buy her something nice, you know?'
'she won't care if it's nice, just make sure she feels important'
'just jam it in'
	~that night~
-krack- -gu-gulunk-

Mr. Monotoli went down and out cold. One of the quietest gigs in a while. He feels good as he wraps things up, and sets it up to look as if the bigwig fell down the staircase. Alex leaves quickly and returns home.

Alex is greeted by Margaret in a babydoll.

'did I buy that?'
'no you stole it'
'regardless, she's wearing it, she wants you'
'do it.'
'at least cuddle with her'
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'what did I do'
'you raped her'
'no...I couldn't'
'that's wrong I wouldn't'
'she's precious to me'
'she's disposable, you should rape her again'

Alex stared at the sink. Broken mirror scattered about. Pain.

'I'm... bleeding?'
'you pussy, don't fuck around'

He looked at his hand, "Shit!" he exclaimed, "When did I do this!?" He cleaned up his hand and wrapped it up. Margaret was still asleep. ... '...what DID I do..?'

-knock knock-

A knocking at the door. Alex quickly dressed and answered it.

"Yo, got a problem." Neil quickly greeted.
"Seems Monotoli sent a fake, a double."

They continued on with the morning as normal. They ate breakfast, although it was nothing spectacular. Alex was a horrible cook. Neil left, telling Alex that he'd have info on when Monotoli would be approachable again. Margaret woke up, dressed herself, and approached the table. Just another day.


"See you in hell..." the man said, as Kanye's body fell over, lifeless. He left the mess and walked out, down the hall, and out the manor.

"No need for a vehicle, we're all going the same place..." Shooting up Kanye's multiple automobiles. The ground was already littered with blood from his entrance, now oil, gasoline, and fire as well. He continued walking torwards his target...

	~elsewhere again~

"Fashion superleader KanyenortH was killed last night, in what seems to be an act of terrorism. This may be linked to the rising..."

Alex couldn't believe what he was watching... "Damnit! How am I supposed to get payed now!?"

'you can just kill some others'
'it doesn't matter'
'rape her'

Alex flipped the table, and Margaret screamed and cowered in a corner.

"I can't just find a new client so fast, and we're low on money..." He thought for a moment.

'Neil will help'
'get out of here'
'just rape her'
'it'll be okay'
'it'll be okay'
'it'll be okay'

Alex started walking torward Margaret, and everything faded away...

He woke up with a large amount of pain in his chest. His head was throbbing. He tried to get up, but couldn't. 'what'

'you raped her'
'i told you not to'
'who knows what'll happen now'
'you should kill yourself'
'sick fuck'
'get out of here I don't want to see you'
'i love you'

Something was keeping him from moving, but he passed out again.

He woke up on the floor, Margaret cuddled on top of him. Her shirt torn to peices,

'...he's coming.'

"What?" He got up and felt a sense of urgency. He woke Margaret and told her to get ready.

"We have to leave."
"what? why?"
"We just do, I think someone's after us, put something on"

they left the ruined room and ran through the complex to get away from whatever it was Alex felt.

They left everything at the apartment, and it had been almost a day since leaving. With nothing to live off of, Alex had to think of something.

'what are you a pussy? kill someone and take their home'
'it'll be okay'
'rape her again she likes it'

A man dropped a small amount of money near Alex's foot.

'this'll make it for now...'


Alex grabbed it, but everything faded...

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Alex expelled every content of his stomach.

"d.. damn... I need to eat though"

He continued eating. Margaret had been eating without throwing up, so Alex was happy for that.

"you alright there buddy?" Ryan asked about his friend's vomiting
"I'm fine, right now, I'm just happy that Margaret is able to eat."
"My daughter, Margaret. she's over there" pointing over to where Margaret was sitting.
"I'm sorry, there's no one there man."
"Look hey, it's okay for you to stay here, I've got some things to take care of, do you need anything?"
"Well, I'll be back pretty soon. help yourself to anything here"

And with that, ryan left. Alex looked over at Margaret. 'she's there, right?' he thinks for a bit.

'of course she's there'
'you raped her'
'touch her'

"what are you going to do now?"

And she dissapeared.

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Alex realized at that moment, he had been spending time alone with his imagination creating a young girl to be his only friend, lover, and everything that meant anything to him. Nothing mattered anymore now that she was gone.

'it was that bastard ryan's fault'
'she wouldn't have dissapeared if he didn't point it out'

Suddenly, a man shows up behind Alex.

"I am Tyler Durden, you killed my family. Prepare to die."

Alex put up no fight at all. He was too lost in thought to care, it was all over.


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