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I’m sure by now you’ve all heard that .flow is a very gory game, to say the least. .flow is filled with rust, decay, self-mutilation, and many consider it better than Yume Nikki in many ways. One of my closest friends had heard me talk about it plenty of times with my other friends and she said that she was looking for something scary to play. She and I chatted about the game for about an hour, and I told her the basics of what to do in the game. Not spoilers, mind you, just things that would make the game a lot easier for her. Using a children’s crayon from the table we were sitting at, I outlined where to get the Witch and Steel Pipe effects. I had to go home for chores, but I told her to search it up on the internet when she got home.

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After chores were done, I logged on to my computer. I was just about to begin a new game in Yume Nikki when she messaged me. She told me that the game wasn’t working, giving her typical RPG Maker errors. Confused, I asked her where she downloaded it from. She looked into her browser history for me and sent me the link over MSN. When I opened the link, something about the website was very off. For one thing, the page was only a background of a diagonally panning picture of Sabitsuki standing in one spot. There was a lot of black space in the picture, covering about the whole screen. The scrolling Sabitsuki was also clickable, but it lead to an image file with “rust.jpg” in the URL. It looked it was taken from a dirty hospital window, because there was an IV machine in the top left corner. The image looked down upon a small barren courtyard, and it was covered in snow except for a small square of dirt. I saved the image and looked back at the chat window. When I asked my friend about why she chose this page to download it from, she told me it was the only page that appeared when she Google’d it. She got the same result when she searched with bing, Yahoo, and even Ask. I looked back at the download page and now it was only a dark red link named “.flow” Assuming this was the download, I clicked it.

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The download finished in ten seconds, yet it took at least ten minutes to extract the thing from the zip file. After opening the .exe file I pressed the Start button. The game booted up normally, with the floating Sabitsuki glitching out into static. I decided to take a look around Sabi's room for a bit. When I examined the game system, Sabitsuki just shook her head. When I wanted to go on to the balcony, she shook her head. When I wanted to try saving, Sabitsuki shook her head three times and backed up, and her sprite flashed from normal to her endgame sprite. Confused and intrigued, I decided to get into .flow. Instead of placing me outside of her balcony, the game placed me outside of the Nexus' door. I wanted to look inside her room for some clues as to what the hell was going on, but now I know what a mistake I made.

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The floor didn’t make the standard cute stepping noise like it should. It was replaced by an aged wooden creak. The creak itself was impossibly realistic, and it’s as if the person who made it wasn’t very heavy. There wasn’t any background music, either. The child Sabitsuki who is supposed to be in the hospital area was in Sabitsuki’s bed, and the bed looked more detailed than I remember it. It had reddish stains near the top of the bed sheets, and the child Sabi looked like it was making a coughing motion. Every time it coughed, she would make a horrible upheaving noise. The noise that Sabitsuki makes when she gets her legs cut off in the endgame is a good comparison, but the upheaving noise sounded like there was some sort of thick liquid in the person’s throat, and it didn’t sound like it was took in a voice acting studio. There was faint static before and after the sound was made, like it was hastily cut from a phone’s video camera. Mortified, I debated going out onto the balcony. The Sabitsuki in the bed would not stop coughing, so I hoped that whatever was on the balcony was better than here.

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Looking at the parallax background of the balcony, I saw the very same background as the one on the download page. The balcony had three Sabitsukis on it. One was regular, one was “Rust”, and one was the final, bloodiest stage of Rust. Confused and frightened, I chose the normal one to interact with first. The screen faded to a home video. It depicted a small girl with black hair laying a hospital bed, hooked up to an IV machine just like the one I had saw in rust.jpg. Hospitals are supposed to be very clean, but the one in the video was very desolate, and one of the windowpanes was broken. The little girl laid there, and she looked like she was crying. The sound quality was terrible, so I couldn’t hear what was going on. The only things I heard were low baritone mumblings, as if the camera’s microphone was being muffled. The camera zoomed in on the little girl’s face, and now she was laughing. Laughs could be heard in the background, but it sounded like they were distorted by an audio editing software. The video’s feed ended abruptly, and faded back to the balcony where the normal Sabitsuki was gone. My sense of feeling was going numb and there was a deep feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach as I interacted with Rust. Once again, it was a home video. This time, however, it was shot in the dark and I could only make out a few things. It looked as if someone was wheeling the little girl out of her hospital room late at night. The camera bounced around, and I assumed that it was hung around the cameraman’s neck. The little girl was ripped from the IV and wheeled through the hallways. The camera now rested on the little girl’s lap, and it stared directly at her face. She looked as if she had been under a very heavy anesthetic, because her eyes were rolled to the back of her head, and saliva freely flowed out of her mouth onto her hospital gown. After being transported downstairs, the cameraman rubbed some sort of liquid in the little girl’s hair. He put down the bottle and massaged it into her scalp, and then I read the bottle. Right there in black Sharpie read “BLEACH”. The video feed ended there, and then “Rust” was gone.

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At this point I was breathing heavily, and I really didn’t want to interact with the last Sabitsuki. The last video was shot outside in the courtyard of the hospital. The cameraman had dug a shallow hole in the ground before the video started, just big enough to hold the little girl. Beyond the static of the audio, I could hear the muffled screams of the little girl. When the cameraman turned towards her, I noticed through the bad video quality that the girl’s hair had become lighter, and her clothes were ripped and somewhat bloodied. The camera man approached the girl, and her screams became much louder and more audible. He took a swing at the girl with some sort of blunt object to her leg. A sound clip played, and it was the one that NPCs make when you kill them in .flow. The cameraman took another swing to her abdomen, and the lower, more realistic sound clip played. I covered my mouth in shock when he took the final blow to her head. This time, the screen went to red-and-black pixelated static, and the game was no longer responsive. In fact, my whole computer was no longer responsive. CTRL + Alt + Del did nothing, and Esc did nothing either. I had no choice but to shut off and reboot my computer. In the meantime, I tried to get a hold of my friend, and tell her about what had just happened. I tried calling her two times before I got a text saying “.Don’t .ever .talk .to .me .again.” Since the incident, my other friends say that she has been acting perfectly normal.

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I hurriedly checked through the game files to see that everything was in order, and oddly enough, there were no files in the Movie folder like there should be for something like that. Looking through all the other folders showed me that the rest of the game seems pretty normal. I booted up RPG Maker 2000 to see what the rest of the game looked like. There were no maps when I opened the game. It was as if I had started a new project. After that, I promptly deleted the copy of .flow and even my functional game, Yume Nikki, and 2kki. I never want anything to do with these games ever again. The only reason I am posting this is that it’s a place to tell the story, since I doubt anyone but people who know what the game is about will believe me. Fuck you, lol.

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I'm looking for opinions and critiques, since this is my first time writing something "scary". (• ᴖ •); I-I hope that me saying this doesn't ruin the surprise! I'm just so nervous…

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LOL .flow creepypasta. I love it. This was really creepy. :D

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>the camera now rested on the little girl’s lap


Naw, srsly though, it's good. Nice to finally see some .flow creepypasta.

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this is..

it's beautiful
and by beautiful I mean creepy
but that's good
because it's supposed to be creepy
I'll shut up now

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me gusta, creepypasta of my favorite creepy game. and here i figured it wouldn't be any more scarier than it already is

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this. was...


I can't describe how much i liked this story, great job here :3

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That was deliciously eerie. WELL DONE.

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I didn't expect that this would be as well liked as it is! Thank you for the kind words.

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Why did the cameraman put bleach in her hair?

>> No.440   [Delete]   [Edit]


Make the body less recognisable? Sexual fetishism?

I really only put that in because I wanted it to be more like .flow because I'm a terrible writer! ;__;

Last edited 11/08/05(Fri)15:44.

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I could tell. There were a few bits like that where it felt like they were only included to make it relevant to .flow.

You're not a terrible writer. You've managed to sway a pedestrian audience to you, and that's quite an accomplishment.

In the future I'd recommend writing stand-alone fiction. This piece seems pretty solid when you ignore those bits I mentioned before. The problem with fanfiction like this is that it's either written by someone who can't think up their own setting and characters, or someone who is good enough at writing that their work would be better off being 100% their own thing, just because their creativity differs from the source material and arbitrary connections must be revised in later. Your problem is the latter.

Keep writing, you show promise.

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