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Ohai. I'm sort of a newbie fanfic writer, striving to get fans.
I decided to write a story about Madotsuki, and the theories I think are correct. Some of these are based off the YN Artificial Children PV, mostly Poniko's theory.
Anyways, enjoy part 1!

Madotsuki stared at the ground below her. The wind blew her twin braids.
"Should I?" she pondered. "Is it worth it?"
"Will life be better?"
Memories filled her mind. Her sister, her friends, gone. They still haunted her. Her mind. Her dreams.
Her sister, dear Poniko. Murdered, her face torn up by a robbery including a knife. She pictured her, lip torn, hair in her face, her eye slit. Her head was seperated

from her body. Her dark brown hair seemed golden because of the light coming from the window.

She remembered picking up the bloody knife.
Her friends, Monoe and Monoko, twins. Monoko kept her hair neatly in twintails. Monoe, down with straight bangs.
She remembered how they left her. They were walking down the street after going out for ice cream. A drunk driver, not noticing the stoplight, crashed into them.
Madotsuki had dodged.
Monoe tried to dodge, but had been hit anyway and had died from a concussion in the hostpital. Her solemn, dead, motionless face haunted Madotsuki.
Monoko was the worse. Her arms were dislocated, her head split open. Her twintails were facing oppisite directions. She was crying and blood stained the side of her mouth.
"Why..." Madotsuki whispered through her tears.
          "Why did I survive?!"
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Why do those letters brighten up when i scroll from left to right??

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