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IDK I was bored one day so I decided to write what I think happened to Sabitsuki from .flow, in my opinion the BEST Yume Nikki fan game there is.
Well, here it goes....

Sabitsuki was walking down the cold street when a stranger approached her.
"Hey, you there, with the funky hair. I got something you might be interested in..."
The young girl turned around. Her hair was white, scragly, and untamed. Her eyes were a hazel that almost looked gray, which nicely complimented her white hair and monochrome outfit. She wore a gray,
sleevless shirt with a white skirt. The girl, around her early 20's, faced the unknown man. She gave him a hard stare.
"...What do you want?" The girl's tone was sharp like a needle. Her face was like stone, embeded in it was a cold, hard expression of hate. Her cool, mono eyes narrowed.
"Would you... be willing to help us out?..."
"...who's "us"?" Sabitsuki's hand tightened.
"Me and... a few frieneds.
The man looked up, revealing a mustachoue
"...Fuck you, asshole."
Spitting on the freak's shoe, Sabitsuki turned the opposite direction and began walking.
"...Oh, now that's no way to act like a lady, now is it?" The man's voice was calm, though a hint of anger could be heard within the voice.
Sabitsuki looked back, flipped the man off, then continued walking.

Sabitsuki lived in a dirty, run-down apartment building. After leaving the orphanage, she decided to just scrap enough money to get her own place instead of being cooped up with some jackass foster parents. She was
just about to start her sophmore year in high school when she moved out. Sabitsuki absolutely hated school. When she was little, she was always picked on and bullied. Everyday she came home with complaints of
someone stealing her snack, bruises from bullies, and tears welled in her eyes. Her mother couldn't care less. She would just curse little Sabitsuki out, throw a beer bottle at her, then pass out on the fold-out couch
of their mobile home. At around the age of 13, Sabitsuki's mother commited suicide. One night Sabitsuki noticed the mobile home was mysteriously dark. Sabitsuki went to find her mother to see if she had
forgotten to pay the electric bill again. She found her mother in the bathtub. She was crying. Sabitsuki was about to ask what was wrong, but her mother then did something strange. She took the toaster that was
near the side of the tub, and dunked it into the water. At that moment, Sabitsuki saw a bright flash. She heard horrid electricity cracking fiercly as her mother made the most inhuman screams Sabitsuki had ever heard.
When the flashing and crackling stopped, a burnt smell lingered in the air. Sabitsuki's mother was black and burnt. What was left of her, anyways. The toaster had done quite some damage, removing the skin in many
areas of her mother's body, arms, and face.

Sabitsuki remembered dialing 911 and crying uncontrolably as she told the operator what she had witnessed. Sabitsuki was then taken to a foster home, where she was cared for by two foster parents and several
foster brothers and sisters. Sabitsuki often heard her foster parents talking late at night. It was usually about her. They talked about how Sabitsuki was probably traumatized, how she was socially withdrawn, how
she refused to even interact with other human beings. She was put in therapy, but it didn't seem to help. Sabitsuki developed terrible anger issues at around 15. She would threaten other students at her school with
anything she could get her hands on. She often carried a pipe in her backpack. She carried it all around and even got in serious trouble for bringing it inside school.

Finally, at the age of 16, she managed to scrap up a decent amount of money and run away. She moved into some filthy, cheap-ass apartments where you would expect murders to happen. Sabitsuki didn't care;
she just wanted out of the hell hole that was her foster parent's home. The apartment came with a dirty bed, a shitty TV, and a video game system the previous owner had left behind. One day while walking around the
putrid area where her apartments were located, a shiny, new computer caught her eye. Without hesitation, she stole it. Getting home, she set it up and stole someone else's internet. That computer was literally
the only thing that didn't keep Sabitsuki from killing herself. Her apartment was rusty, unkept, and full of roaches. Her balcony wasn't any better. It got a good view of the buildings below. Since she lived in the very
bad part of town, she often saw burgluraies and thugs and drug dealers and whatnot. Her balcony was about as dirty as the rest of her apartment, covered in rust with a railing that Sabitsuki was sure would fall off at
any moment. Nonetheless, even with her life being a living hell, she always looked forward to coming home from work, making her way through the deadly streets just to get to her computer. Her computer was what you
could call her... "happy place."

(pic done by me)

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I knew it! Sabi really is a 4chan troll!!

>where you would expect murders to happen

...Don't give them any ideas. They might be reading this <_<

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