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So in English Class, we had to read a story entitled "The New Dress" by Virginia Woolf. It nearly had no plot, the whole story revolved around the protagonist, Mabel Waring's inferiority and despair, only giving a satisfactory ending that she would escape the monotony of her life and start anew.

It was literally just a large pool of fancy words, and people loved it. To be honest, she really is a good writer, but her vocabulary made my head hurt.

Let us try imitating her writing style.

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Madotsuki, having run outside the dreaded room, the filthy, dingy room, collecting dust, dreaded, deadly, dingy dust, devoid of such dimly desirable entertainment. Yes, the other room! It was to die for! It was magnificent! It was absolutely positively splendid! Yes, the starting line of a new day! Alas, the doors greet her generously, the creak-creakery of the multiple doors, made of dreamy substance, dreamy indeed, she was to choose one, and continue onwards the dream, ah, the magical dream, her own, the disturbing and exciting adventure!

Ah, so cold, so shivering, so chilly, twas the empty christmas town, snowy and white and blue and ice, and the cold winds didn't exist for her, she did not need such horribly tacky garments or such direly despicable dayjacket or sizably silly scarf! It was her world, alas, the world of snow, it was christmas, yes, the cold winds kissed her like a blushing brandishing boy would kiss his first love for the first time to the finale. Time to walk, she said to her self, have said silly songs to self inside, venturing through the verdure and meeting the mysterious icy, chilly, shy woman that she knew only by the name of the Yuki Onna. She, so shy, so shiveringly shy, walked away in willing ways to the final part of snowy land. On did the girl walk, the woman not found again in this vast treacherous christmas land.

"Aha!" she had said in her silky and softspoken voice as she fell through the imaginary pool of puzzling enigma, flying down to more water below the pastelly chalk road. The swish-swash of the liquid satin flowed through her legs, heavily making her slowly pace, and she thought "I am the frog! The fightinh fidgeting frog! I shall pass this water!" and by some mysterious mindboggling chance, she swept through the water, and climbed onto the Chalky shore, to be greeted by the velvet teepee tent she had seen a few times in her dreamy adventures.

There stood the bland, blonde, moss-colored girl, that her water-veined, dreadful, dingy skin could not get to impress so succulently. A hand wavered through the thin air that was in front of her skeptical facial features, frantically frivelously trying to forlorn her attention, but alas she was ignored once again, as she walks away from her, sulking even, in the prudishly pink drawing room that she stayed in. The swish-swash of the outside air could not be barely heard. It was a time of monotony and silence, the sharp silence that cut through her hurtful heart, harnessing her, for what was to come to her once more. A flick of the faltering switch, and screams scurried scowerly in the darkened dressing room. The black blob of pure eliciting, explicit, exubriant evil laughed at her, as if taunting her to spread her bloody bread knife. If only it would stop! said Madostuki, Stop! Stop at once! she sorrily said, as she fell through another depth of dingy darkness, splish-splashing in an ocean of pearly pus, pinch me, said she, as she woke up alarmed, awakened, yet half-asleep. She sighed deeply, "It has stopped, finally It has stopped. I shall stop...for now."

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and then mado was the zombie

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>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>Everybody walk the Bulbasaur

The end.

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