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Stories based off all the fangames you care about. You know what they are because derp derp you care about them.

do it, fgts.

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Oh alright but stop pointing that gun at me
Here it is. It's actually part of a larger fanfic I was writing about all fangames and stuff but since I'll never finish it I'll just post this here.
Oh, and I wrote that before 2kki had 'enemies' (like the ladies in black dresses it has now).

Date: / /

I met him again today.
There he was... And he greeted me.
But I couldn't say anything.
Why is it always like that? I'm never able to talk. To him, and to everyone else. I can't talk, not even in my dreams.
I can not repay a "good day", a "thank you" ...
Or lack of capacity?
I want to be able to smile back at him, and to all others.
They are all my friends. There is no one there to hurt me ...
My dreams. I was always afraid of them.
But I know I'm not alone there ... I know they are waiting for me, wherever they are.
And that saddens me.
Because I'll never speak to them.

"Good morning, Uro-chan," he said. "Can I help you with anything?"

He's a very nice boy.
I wish I could ask. Ask why he is in that hospital.
But I can't.
I can not even look at him after that ...
Not after I killed him that way.
As if it wasn't bad enough to be stuck to a chair in a hospital room, a completely strange girls shows up and rips him apart.

I wonder how it feels to be so scared in so little time.

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Someone's pushy. :L

Nothing from me until I finish the YN fiction I'm already doing. Haven't played much of the fangames yet, to be honest.

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I have my own short story that I will share. It's kind of bad and wip though.

There was a geisha house, a bus stop, the postman's house, and a creepy alleyway that my mother told me to stay away from. But I always suspected that perhaps my father lived there. When I went to look, I only found a policeman with a broken arm and leg. I hated it there... it scared me. I didn't really know alot about my father. He was a policeman, I only knew that. Sometimes I would dress up in the work clothes he left here, and pretend to be a hero or something... I was young, but my mother thought it was cute.

...Where is my father now?

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