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So, apparently, /Seccom/ likes my smut. I'll be reposting the Masada smut below (comments welcome), and I'll start posting some smut requests I got on the OT.
Added Shitai/Mado smut
Added Kamakurako smut

Added MonokoxMonoe Smut

Shitai/Seccom smut added

Requests welcome, writing smut is how I keep from being bored.

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A soft bliping noise escaped a certain alien, odd eyes narrowing in a somewhat lonely sigh. Long fingers stroked the keys of a black-and-white piano, just like everything else in the small, bare-boned ship that made his world. Masada-Sensei played a few notes with his slender fingers, before his knees wobbled and buckled, the rest of the slim, lanky body crashing down onto the floor of the ship. To say he was exhausted would be an understatement. He needed sleep and so forced himself up, black hair framing his face as white as everything around him.

Left, right, left, right, he took tired but determined steps to his bed and pulled the covers over him, closing his eyes, one facing down and the other facing upwards, both facing outwards. The room darkened slowly, following his consciousness as he began to drift. However, the continuous darkening stopped at a certain point, for even if he was as tired as he was, he could not sleep. If he left his bed, the lights would only come back on. Sighing in the relative darkness, he knew only one cure for his inability to sleep.

Masada-Sensei carefully slipped off his body-tight clothing, his body warming to the sensation of quilt on his bare skin. One hand stroked over his chest and belly, touching and feeling every bone and he closed his eyes to heighten the sensations. Around him, the piano echoed a haunting tone, his mind slowly fading from thought and onto pure sensations. He made no noise now, though out of instinct or something else he did not know, now did he care at that moment, for his free hand was finding something stirring between his legs.

Quickly, the man reached down and rubbed at a slit between his legs, reaching inwards and pulling out a dripping and wet , but hard, phallic piece of flesh. The sensation made him buck his hips upwards, body tensing as he heated up even further. His chest began to fall up and down, as if he was rapidly breathing, though he produced no noises of his breathing. Still silent, but obviously pleasured, one would have to wonder if he would cry out with pleasure if he was physically able to. He shuddered as that hand now began to busy itself with stroking his hard cock, dripping in his own bodily fluids, his other hand tweaking his nipples before also reaching down, long fingers coating themselves with his own fluids.

After all, he had no spit to use. With the careful ministrations and dexterity of a piano professional, his free hand busied itself finding Masada-Sensei's secondary entrance, carefully slipping one finger in, then two. It felt weird, but... He dug a little deeper, body shuddering as he found a certain spot within him that made his cock weep and twitch. His hands now busied themselves with pleasuring him, and he could only do nothing but want more. Animalistic, his pace increased and his body began to overheat, sweating.

Close, close, he just wanted to finish now. Enough with experiencing pleasure, he wanted the ultimate reward for his efforts. The piano player threw his head back as if to shout, eyes closed tightly, yet still no sound came from him and his hands moved even faster, just as they would fly upon his keys. His body shook and shuddered with the pleasures, and yet it was still not enough, not enough yet. He jabbed and massaged his prostate and his other hand clutched and pumped at his cock tightly, both merciless in their attentions. Finally, a heated coil, intense and aflame began to burn in his abdomen, and he felt as if he would be sick from the fire boiling him alive from the inside.

The fire grew, threatening to explode, and then with his body almost cramping from the tenseness, Masada froze on the very brink of a cliff between pleasure and the end. He leaned over, he fell into the blackness, and suddenly his body moved again, shuddering hard enough to make the covers over him shift and shake. His eyes were screwed shut, as if he was screaming. Satisfied, his one hand withdrew from his behind, and the other gently pushed his now-soft penis back into the slit between his legs. Tears from the overwhelming feeling lingered on his cheeks and flowed downwards, staining the white sheets with black ink droplets. He shifted a little, away from the spot of wetness. When he would awaken, he would take care of that, for now... he was exhausted and sated.

The room darkened further, and the piano player finally found sleep.

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omg... i commented there in /Seccom/ too... you're amazing...
can you do a Kamakurako smut? (the igloo kid)

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Hey it'st oreko faggot again

since you broke my hopes and dreams of getting Sabi smut, could ya do anything with Monoe/Monoko? or both?

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The wonderland was a lovely place, or so the girl thought. Eyes quietly closed and a knowing expression on her face, she knew the world before it knew itself. All of its horrows and whimsical things she has seen time and time again, she no longer needed eyesight to see. Already in her mind, she could see everything before her. She did not need to think as she hopped on her bicycle, did not need to wonder how it came to be there, and did not need to wonder where she was going. Past the subways, past the faceless people she used to sob and scream to with no avail, not a single iota of being noticed.

Past the floating eyes, with the figures of the uteruses as were in textbooks. She rubbed her belly, wondering how something so ugly and disgusting could reside in her. She did not have to look to know that one of the eyes followed her as she walked out. Quietly, her footsteps made only the faintest squeaks as she walked towards the green man who was from the subway, run over and his limbs widespread as if he wanted to escape from his fate. Madotsuki kneeled downwards, her hands dipped into the fresh blood as her bicycle fell behind her, and disappeared into the nothingness of the dream world. She already knew this, but.. there were some things she had never tried before.

She wanted to speak, but said nothing. Hazel eyes opened, curious and soft as she used her small strength to flip the man over and he said nothing. She half expected him to, but he said nothing. The blood squished a bit, but... she sighed softly and straddled the man's hips, blood soaking into her panties underneath her dress. Somehow, the cold wetness was pleasant upon the heat she felt as she tried this. In her mind, she asked the man, quietly, softly. Do you want this? Is this ok? This is my dream, right? Can't I do what I wish in my dreams? She suddenly felt a wave of despair, how depraved was she to want this from a corpse!

Tears streamed down her face and she fell upon the dead man's chest hard, crying against him. However, an air escaped the corpse, one that sounded of a single, long word: Yesss....

Did he agree?! She sat up quickly, eyeing the dead body with suspicion, but there was no response. Of course, the dead did not speak, but... Madotsuki moved a bit, feeling something hard press against her from behind. Her small body flinched and wet noises came from the corpse below her. Then, a blush came over her face as she realized what the hard object was. It was... It was... A teacher once told her, when the dead froze for a while, it was called rigor mortis, she remembered wondering if she died in a compromising pose, would she stay like that, in rigor mortis, forever? She did not think it applied to this...

But... she was determined to try. She had already used her fingers... by what the corpse felt behind her, he was not large enough to make it too uncomfortable. Besides, she was never going to have a real person to love anyways, so why bother?! Tears pricked her eyes in shame as she slowly lowered her panties, stained wet with the man's blood, and opened his jeans to pull out a stiff, cold hardness from him.

Madotsuki whimpered in fear and shame as she pressed the cold head towards herself, shivering in anticipation and its lack of normal warmth. Slowly, she lowered herself onto the dead body. It did not hurt, not so much, but... it burned, and stung slightly. Once fully sheathed, she waited... as if wanting a sign that it was fine. It felt like she was holding an icicle to her insides but.. she was sure her own body warmth would warm it up. She herself already felt it warming up. Her insides clenched the hard cock that had invaded her, squeezing and contracting in mild-mannered protest. Slowly, she moved up and down, feeling all the pleasures, especially when she bucked her hips in a certain manner which made the corpse's penis strike something that made her cry out in pleasure.

"Shitai-san..." She began to coo and whisper, moving her hips up and down and feeling her body heat up from the pleasure. It felt so good, she could not help it, she called the man a name she had nicknamed him, and now she was calling that nickname as if he could hear it. However, all thoughts soon started to wipe from her as her animalistic tendencies started to take over her mind. She wanted completion from this wonderfully hard cock inside of her.

"Shitai-san, it isn't.... oooh.. Shitai-san... I need more..." Her voice rung out, she couldn't stop it, her small body trembled in need that she couldn't get from his hard cock, it was not hard enough. Already she could feel it soften from her body heat, she needed something... she could not end like this, so needy. A knife flashed in her hand and she stabbed into the body, but Shitai-san did not scream and did not disappear. She carved out his arm, and pulled a bone from his arm, the upper bone. Oh, yes, so long and hard, it would do nicely.

Without care for shame, she pressed herself against Shitai-san, pushing the long bone into herself and moaning. Yes, this was what she needed. It was in so deep and hard and gloriously textured. Her small body pressed into his, her hand furiously holding the bone back and forth within her as her small hips bucked in and out, and into the man. Yes, yes, this was what she needed. "Shitai-san, shitai-san! Shitai-san! Oooh! Yes... you're s-so hard within me..." She moaned out, licking up his cheek and neck and tasting flesh and blood and it didn't matter so much anymore.

Suddenly it felt as if it all reached a point and she could not stop herself from falling, no, it felt too good to resist. Madotsuki screamed, biting into her lover's collarbone as her juices spilled onto his now-soft penis, mixing and melding in a strangely off-white mixture that was already there.

"Shitai-san... Shitai -san..." She cooed, lost in a feeling of goodness like never before. The bone slipped out of her with a happy sigh and she replaced it to his body, leaving her panties soaking in blood that was not only from the corpse's. Had she really torn herself? She never felt it, it was too intense to feel pain... Carefully, she curled up to the body, exhausted and happy. She swore, perhaps, just for a moment, the man smiling. As Madotsuki lost herself in sated mental wanderings, Shitai-san's free arm held her closely to him, and he smiled as if he had died in the afterglow of his own pleasure.

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Sure thing.

I'm interested in doing Sabi smut, I just wish I knew more about her/Oreko.

I could totally do Monoe/Monoko smut together, it sounds like a fun idea. :)

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I guess I should have made it clear I didn't want a girl in it. Oh well.

Last edited 10/10/27(Wed)08:04.

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Sorry, if people aren't vaguely detailed on what they were and weren't looking for I make assumptions. Should I rewrite?

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ohyey so uh, well you can download .flow at the loda 2kki server
or listen to my fanfag theories


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Explain what you mean by loda 2kki server please.

(Shall be writing Kamakurako smut soon, don't know how to go about fucking the sleeping... though I had no problem with the dead...)

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i wasn't specting that o.o ...
just... GREAT!


OMG, thanks :3

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Only if you want, but just stick to yaoi or masturbating. Sorry, it's my fault for being vauge.

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... Curse you SS, you're making me wanna write up my own smut.

>> No.274   [Delete]   [Edit]

No problem. I'll write it today if my depression lets me.
No, my fault for assuming. I'll rewrite asap.

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that's just the insperation

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((Wrote this in school, pretty sure it sucks like hard eggs.))

In the winter wonderland of a dream, a young girl tugged on her sweater and made sure it fit over cold, revealed patches of skin. She sighed softly, warm brown eyes opening to stare at her surroundings of white, in a soft little igloo. A smile graced her features and she leaned up against a wall, curling up as if to warm herself up. This igloo was never warm enough sometimes, not even the insulating powers of snow and ice could help her. Sighing softly, she knew of only one way to warm herself up.

Slowly, Kamakurako reached between her legs and gently rubbed at herself through the cloth, shivering but silent. Her eyes stared at the opening to her igloo, just in case that strange girl with braided hair walked in to interrupt her. She had to hurry now, or else she would fine her in such an embarrassing position… she shivered and bit her lip as she rubbed a bit harder into herself, breath coming in pants.

Then, she leaned back and slipped a hand up her shirt to gently play with a pert nub, shivering throughout her body at the feelings of the touches and each rub was a throbbing between her legs, as if it longed for something deep inside to provide the pleasures she craved. Panting slightly, she pushed her small fame up to an icy wall and used her other hand that once supported herself underneath her pants, under her wet panties and to stroke the equally wet and warm layers of flesh. She tipped her head back and a soft moan escaped her. It felt lovely and warm and… she shivered and could not help but make another moan as her fingers played with the very outside of her lips.

However, just as Kamakurako started to enter herself, she heard footsteps and quickly pushed her thighs together no matter how unpleasant it was and forced herself to appear as it sleeping, trying to appear as if she was not sweating and as close as she was. Instead, she stayed and waited patiently as she wandered in, curiously looking at her. She did not need to see to know she had changed into a cat form. Madotsuki meowed once, and she jabbed her fingers into herself, shivering. Another meow, another jab into herself, shivering and shuddering in her ‘sleep’.

She wished the other girl would hurry, it was too much, she couldn’t last much longer, slowly teasing herself into an insanity that threatened to reveal her cruel self-sins. Madotsuki paused before meowing again and again she jabbed against the spot within her.

Then, the stranger seemed to get bored and leave. Good. Kamakurako sighed in relief and continued her ministrations, one hand rubbing her hard nipples and the other rubbing that spot that felt so good within her. Tipping her head back, she shuddered and let out a loud moan as she finished and her juices spilled onto the snow, slightly melting it with her body heat.

Warm, she lay against the snow beneath her, cold rubbing against her warm cheek as she rested, eyes half closed with content satedness.

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it's not as bad as you think, it just needs a bit of detail in it, and a longer climax...
though i can simpithize with your situation.

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I think it's just my bed self esteem talking, but I really, really despise what I wrote. It's just... ugh, it's absolutely terrible in every way. I must do better next time.

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how can i describe this awesomeness? D: ... this is just... beautiful! (>w<)b i think that's more than i spected!

>> No.281   [Delete]   [Edit]

Thank you.

I'll be writing some more in a bit, when I'm feeling a little better.

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The Masada solo one was so good. Guh. You're awesome. I never thought I'd be so into smut for such a game.
I want to second the Shitai request, specifically, I'd love Shitai topping your retractable-penis Masada.

(Maybe he got up from the street and wandered around looking for a lay after so long without one? But any pointless Shitai/Masada would make my day a hundred times over.)
((Gah, why am I so into this?! I wish I could write!))

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>I'd love Shitai topping your retractable-penis Masada

I like this idea. After writing monokoxmonoe, will work on this. And I will make it orgasmically good, or at least try.

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Hooray! I'll be looking forward to both of those pieces!

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"Eight... Nine... Ten... Ready or not, here I cooome~" A happy cry shouted in the darkness and a girl turned around swiftly, pulling her four arms from her face and beginning to run in the nihility around her, searching for... someone. But what was there, in this blackness around here? An oppressive emptiness surrounded her and one may find her all alone in a world of nonexistence, where she searched for a creature that didn't exist, just another one of the fruitless efforts of humanity. The girl still smiled happily as she ran, ignorant of the darkness around her or, perhaps, accepting of the nihility that swirled.

Perhaps it was none of these things, as a similarly black and white girl sat in the blackness of this world, listening to the happy giggles of her playmate and waited to be found, for she would always be found. After all, there was noplace to hide but the blackness, and Monoko could navigate the darkness better than anyone else. Monoe simply had no chance against her five-armed sister. She combed over her long black hair as she waited to be found. They were having a bet- if Monoko could find her within less than five minutes, then she could choose the next game they were to play.

And indeed, it did not take long for the girl smiling in the darkness to be found by her younger sister, as she was tackled from behind, Monoe did nothing but laugh as the four arms of her sister were upon her body, lifting her shirt and rubbing fondly at her sensitive sides and armpits. "Ok! Ok! You win you win!" She laughed, before finding herself in a rather compromising position with her arms held above her head with one pair of arms, the other pair slowly moving across her body. "Hey Monoko, what're you doing?" She asked, her almost-constant grin now fading to a look of apprehensive confusion.

"You said I could play any game I wanted." The five-armed girl replied, her left eye dripping a white liquid that one hand collected, before shoving the now-wet hand under the skirt of her older sister, rubbing the heated core there and smiling devilishly at the noises her older sister produced. Of course, Monoe said nothing in resistance, even though she tried to wiggle her hips away. A bet was a bet after all! Her older sister knew far better than to resist, even when she wanted to play her 'bad game'. The smaller girl giggled at the thought and that hand began to rub through the fabric there. The girl beneath her tried to hold in a few whimpers of pleasure. Oh, Monoe was so sensitive down there, it made the younger of the two giggle devilishly.

Then, Monoko decided to take it farther once she felt her older sister's panties begin to moisten with her juices and that she became so much warmer. Slowly, she pulled down her sister's panties and began to rub at her lips, early listening to the noises of pleasure that escaped her sister. She made sure that one pair of her arms was holding her sister's arms up high, so she could not muffle her voice as she experienced the pleasures. Neither really knew when they started to play the bad game, it was a simultaneous decision on both their parts when they first started, it felt so good that it had begun to be a game all its own. The winner of the previous game would always start it, and the they would pleasure each other until they were both spent.

Of course, whoever lasted the longest was declared the winner and as a reward the winner could request a favor of the loser, anything she wanted, but only once.

Monoko smiled as her slick hand rubbed slowly, applying a small amount of pressure onto her sister's swelling clitoris and gently rubbing. Monoe let out a few cries of pleasure and her hips bucked, beginning to pant. The younger sibling continued to rub, first slowly to warm her older sister up, then quickly and thoroughly, reducing Monoe to a shivering black-and-white piece of erotic art, her pale white arms above her head and her head tipped back, eyes closed in delicious pleasure and her back arched off the ground in a perfect curve. The very sight made Monoko shiver and desire her turn and so rubbed a little harder, a little faster. Then, the warmth of her sister reached a breaking point and Monoe shivered, crying out her sister's name as her juices spilled onto that of her sister's hand. Panting gently, the older received only a few moments of break before Monoko was on her again, presenting herself to her older sister's face, her panties already soaking with desire.

Monoe smiled underneath her younger sister's skirt and now, with her hands free, used one arm to rub at her sister's underdeveloped breasts, as flat chested as any boy, and ghosted over her nipples tenderly. Her younger sister made a few noises, then whined loudly; she didn't like to be teased, especially when her need was presented to openly. This caused the older of the two to laugh, leaning inwards to her sister and licking gently at the wet fabric she found there. Briefly hearing the moans of her sister, she could not help but smile as she pulled away to pull down the soaking wet fabric in the way and beginning to rub her tongue all over the hot wetness there. Her free hand now steadied her younger sibling's bucking hips, making her job easier.

She first licked over the inner lips of her sibling, ever the teasing type, driving Monoko insane with her mouth. It was she who learned first how good it was, and she had since learned how to always win at this game, teasing and torturing her sister to exhaustion. She smiled to herself as she licked, lapping like a dog at the juices and running her tongue broadly all over, always narrowly avoiding the one pleasure button that mattered most. This continued on for some minutes, until...

"MONOEEEEEE!~" The younger girl whined, her five arms laying onto the black ground limply and her entrance twitching with need. "No more teasing!"

"Alright, alright..." Monoe smiled, knowing she had her sister exactly where she wanted her. Gently now, her tongue ran over her sister's sensitive clit, swollen from all the teasing. First, she grazed gently upon the small piece of flesh, her tongue rubbing along the outside until she felt her sister was truly being driven mad. Then, with expert precision and care, her tongue pushed back the little hood that hid the most sensitive piece of flesh, and she began to ever-so-gently suckle, as doing it too hard would cause pain. As expected, Monoko lost control of herself and began to writhe. Monoe's hand now retreated from her little sister's nipples, though she knew full well that she did not care anymore at this point. She used both her hands to hold her sister's hips as she suckled, counting the seconds until her sister would come.

With a scream, the younger sibling froze and then writhed uncontrollably at the pleasures of her own orgasm, her juices squirting onto her sister's mouth and face. Then, Monoko lay limply, totally sapped from her intense coming. She felt her sister's tongue cleaning her up, this caused her to let out a few long moans as her now over sensitive loins were subjected to more pleasure. Monoe's head appeared from under her little sister's skirt, ever smiling.

"Hey Monoko, aren't you going to do your turn and come pleasure me?" Monoe teased, knowing full well her sister's seven limbs felt like limp noodles and there was no way she was moving from her current position any time soon. Monoko shook her head, unable to speak from both exhaustion and her hard panting. Monoe laughed and pet her sister's black hair. "Ok, I'm the winner. You rest up, I'll go play by myself. When you're better you better come find me and do me that favor." She giggled and got up, her legs only slightly wobbly from her own, resurfaced need.

Well, she could take care of that, somewhere in the blackness, until she was found by her younger sister... then, they could play that game once more.

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:D Very nice. (Only a couple errors- you used "his" instead of "her" when describing Monoe in the beginning, and somewhere in there "to" was used instead of "so", i think).

I liked how they expirenced very different orgasms- older Monoe relished hers quietly, while younger Monoko found hers so intense.


>> No.287   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, fuck me silly. I mixed up genders again. Sorry, I usually only write males, it slips up. Thanks for the compliments though.

>> No.288   [Delete]   [Edit]



>> No.289   [Delete]   [Edit]

ºOº <3

>> No.290   [Delete]   [Edit]

How's the yaoi going?

>> No.291   [Delete]   [Edit]

requesting more Yuri please.

is the idea of Madotsuki and poniko appeal to you?
do what you want with it, i don't mind if it even goes tentical rapey, your smut has such a lovely appeal that doesn't compare to mine.

>> No.292   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1288921456776.png -(12.1 KiB, 154x114) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

NaNoWriMo and a near-hospitalization got in my way. Writing it slowly.

I could do that... do you want me to?

>> No.294   [Delete]   [Edit]

Near-hospitalization...? I do hope you're alright- take care of yourself.
I shall be patient in waiting for the smutty goodness.

>> No.295   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'll be fine. My psychologist thought I may end up killing myself far sooner than she could help me. I talked her out of putting me in a psych ward, thank goodness. As far as I know about psych wards they'd see me write smut (if they let me write at all) and believe me to be a nymphomaniac or something else ridiculous.

>> No.297   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, if you ended up going "tentacle rapey" like >>291 said, that definitely wouldn't help your status in a psych ward. lol

I also support more yuri.

I also have another request for a future non-yuri story, but you've got a lot on your plate as it is at the moment. And goddamn I didn't realize it was NaNoWriMo already, I've got to start writing.

>> No.298   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1289020794928.png -(104.1 KiB, 450x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

((Sorry about pic, it was only one I could find. SRS!! Also, fic is too long, split into two parts.))

The notes of a piano echoed, soothing the soul of a wandering spirit, fated forever an eternity of loneliness. The quiet and reclusive piano player, what did he think of on the eternity he spent staring at the eternal night in front of him? The only ‘day’ he experienced was when his ship happened to fly by a sun, and there he felt warm rays upon his skin. The wanderer quietly wondered even now, as his oddly-angled eyes stared at the giant ball before him of flame, if this was what the inhabitants of the world felt upon their skin daily, or hourly, or however many times their world spun. He wondered if the inhabitants of each planet he passed if there were any, understood their blessing to feel warm. Once, he came upon the concept of love, in his mind where the concept was so far away. The reminder now made his shoulders slack downwards in a fit of sadness.

How was he, never to meet another being for all eternity, supposed to know love?

His face and body were reflected upon the glass, and Masada-sensei found himself pressing is hands to the glass, staring at himself, a being as monochrome as his ship, with his odd eyes and lack of mouth. A blip escaped him and he punched the glass, he punched the image of himself in anger, tears of pain falling from his cheeks, droplets of black marring the clean and white surface of the floor. His facial expression was tight, as if he was yelling now, shouting his anger at the unfairness of the world around him. However, he suddenly stopped and his eyes opened wide, he swore he felt a hand brush his. There at his side, stood a man of green. Red liquid trailed from somewhere in his shaggy head of hair, his eyes were a cool crimson, the same color as the liquid. Seccom Masada-sensei found himself backing up, as if afraid. Who was this man?

Shitai-san opened his mouth, an amused smile on his features. Well, this was a pleasant surprise. He had decided to follow that girl with the braided hair who came to him every once in a while, and she tried to sleep in a bed. Then she had gotten out, and pinched her cheek, fading away. What a strange woman. He tried to copy her, out of boredom or something or other, and found himself walking along to a place he knew almost nothing about. The fire was a bit of a problem, but being dead, the only thing he really worried about were his clothes getting burnt. Thankfully he managed to run through without too much damage.

The corpse had arrived in a room of write, spying on a man who was punching his reflection and crying as if something was really bothering him. Now the two stared at each other, one dead, the other an alien. A strange duo.

They both wondered the same thing. Who was he? How did he end up here? What was his name? What was his tale? Although, this being a land of silence, they said nothing to each other. Shitai-san leaned over Masada, as the piano player had fallen down with shock, and wiped away those black tears, leaving instead an ugly red smear where his fingers were. Well, it was the thought that counts, right? The odd-eyed man backed away, in a mixture of shyness and fear. The man in green only approached further, until he was above the man, chests pressing, legs entangled, hips against each other. Shitai san smiled at the shyness of the stranger. How cute. A pink, half-rotten tongue swiped from his mouth and licked the man, where his mouth was supposed to be, then licked a little lower, to the neck, the adam’s apple.

Seccom Masada-sensei had felt nothing like it before. At times, yes, he pleasured himself, but this was beyond pleasure. This was beyond the thoughtless movements, this was seductive and sensational, tickling his mind in a manner he could not comprehend. A green hand pressed at his chest and pushed, and he relented to lay on the floor, eyes looking up at the man and making small blips of pleasure, awkwardness, and confusion. All these, the corpse found to simply turn him on more. Thank goodness for rigor mortis.

Shita-san smiled and his free hands now pulled the shirt away and the pants down (much to the alarm of his newfound lover). Well, there was a surprise. Skipping the foreplay and going right to the action from curiosity alone, one hand was used to support himself while the other began to stroke the slit he found there. Seccom Masada suddenly arched his back, blips coming form every which way from him, his wholly body began to shake as if uncontrollable. His tormentor merely smiled again, confident, and two corpse-cold fingers sought their way in, expertly pulling out what he knew to be a penis. What a surprise! Shitai-san grinned and pulled away lightly, if only to change out of his own clothing.

The man of monochrome simply lay there, legs spread and chest rapidly puffing outwards and inwards, as if he was panting heavily though he made no noise. Once the intruder was done changing, he leaned down and began to slowly lick his way to the entrance of his lover, grabbing the penis and jerking it roughly to the side, hearing no noise but the writhing of the man’s upper body from the corner of his eye gave him a good clue of what he was doing. His pink tongue lashed out again, lapping at the very entrance, where cock met slit. Masada seemed to flail, his cock throbbing harshly and he felt as if his heartbeat could be heard from his arousal alone.

Shitai-san did not pause in his smile, though it faded once he began to wonder how he would go about performing what he desired now. Leaning inwards, he grabbed the man’s thighs and pulled them over his shoulders, his hard and wet cock, slightly darker than the rest of his body and oozing the same red liquid. Against the alarmed blips he heard, the corpse began to push slowly, holding his lover tight and feeling the man claw at his back. It didn’t hurt; his nerve cells were the first to go when he died.

The piano player couldn’t stop blipping, high pitched and in pain as his entrance was stretched to accompany for the new intrusion. If he could whimper, he probably would. The corpse could only lick his nose and mouth-place to comfort him as he pushed, unrelenting. Then, when it was all inside, the two paused, staring into one another’s eyes. Masada could barely see; his tears blurred his vision black. Shitai-san wiped away whatever tears spilled once more, not caring how many red marks he left behind. Then, his free hand wandered down to grasp tightly onto his over’s hard penis, smirking as he felt it throb and the man shudder. Moving his hand tightly, he began to move his hips in and out slowly, opening his mouth and silently groaning at the feeling of being inside such a tight passage, it was tighter than even that girl. It twitched and squeezed him in such a way he feared he would be stuck. If he was to be stuck here, he could die happy. Again.

>> No.299   [Delete]   [Edit]

Masada felt the same pleasure. He had never once explored inside of him, only his penis, and now with both areas being stimulated he was going completely insane. All thoughts of loneliness flew from his mind, all thoughts at all. He pressed himself closely to Shitai-san’s body, his hips both trying to buck into the hand and meet with those hips at the same time, and the free hand of his corpse lover now held his hips still. That coiling heat burned within him, quickly becoming an uncontrollably raging tornado. Suddenly, he tipped his head back for the final time.

Shitai-san felt as if he was looking at pure erotic art, the perfect post beneath him. Masada-sensei was covered in sweat, giving him a glassy and porcelain sheen. His eyes were closed tightly, red smears coating his face as new tears spilled from his cheeks, black as the darkness outside. His hair stuck to his face and was disheveled. He was wanton, lusting, and yet, hesitant, afraid of the cliff he was about to fall from. But, Shitai was determined to help him. His hand suddenly squeezed Masada’s dick hard, and pumped at a furiously fast pace while his hips jerked back and forth harshly, deeply. He shivered and once more let out a silent groan. This was impossibly good…

Then, Masada fell, and Shitai-san was the lucky man to take him through it. His hand never stopped moving until he was completely soft, milking the man of his seed and making sure the orgasm lasted as long as possible. He too, finished deep inside his lover, feeling his own cock squeezed and milked by those warm, tight walls. The two lovers, for a moment, saw nothing but whiteness and felt nothing but a bliss, as if the two had suddenly lost all connection with their bodily selves. Masada-sensei lay on the floor, covered in sweat, blood, and other bodily fluids, while Shitai pulled out –with a shudder from both of them.

Masada tried to move, but he was simply too exhausted. He made a few satisfied blips, odd-eyes half closed in his tiredness. His corpse lover smiled once more, not from being amused of confident, merely satisfied. Tiredly, Shitai san managed to gather up his new lover in his arms and carried him bridal-style to the room connected here, of which he correctly assumed would be the bed. There they lay together, not caring about the mess they brought with them to the bed.

Seccom Masada-Sensei’s last thoughts were that he, perhaps, could really learn to understand love…

>> No.300   [Delete]   [Edit]

Shitai's rather forward! He needed some, apparently.

Ah, requesternon enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you very much for taking the time to write for me and everyone!
I'm way too tired and sated at the moment to deal out any constructive criticism- if you would care any, tell me, if not, then please accept my happiness and go on to further share the fandom.

Last edited 10/11/05(Fri)23:08.

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Concrits are enjoyed.

Oh no, please suggest, elsetime when I finish the next one I'll be bored again!

I'm glad to serve :3

>> No.302   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well, as long as you want more suggestions, I'll throw out my idea.

Since you've already written a myriad of gender combinations, let's make this interesting. I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing one with a guy dressed as a girl. The theory that Mado is really a gender confused guy can come in handy on his. Though really, it doesn't have to be Mado, you could throw Masada in a skirt and I'd be happy. I'm just trying to satisfy another one of my fetishes. ;D

Oh, and whoever you choose can be paired up with whoever. Or solo. Or a female version of himself.

>> No.303   [Delete]   [Edit]


Seconding this.

Also, I'd personally love to see anything with cuntboy!Masada, but if that's way too weird for your tastes, I totally understand.

>> No.304   [Delete]   [Edit]

cuntboy? Explain. Like him with a vagina and no penis? Then isn't it just femsada?

>> No.305   [Delete]   [Edit]


>Seccom Masada-Sensei’s last thoughts were that he, perhaps, could really learn to understand love…


Too weird? The guy broke out of an insane asylum so he could write smut about an alien with a retractable penis having sex with a corpse.
Maybe he didn't ACTUALLY break out of an insane asylum... but it sounds more awesome. "MUST. WRITE. SMUT!"

>> No.306   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oouuaaa! I'm not anything cool like that.Thank you though, the idea people think somewhat-highly of me makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Now, Poniko/UboaxMadotsuki... how to go about this... What does anyone think about Poniko/uboa x Maletsuki?

>> No.307   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1289140672987.jpg -(75.6 KiB, 453x583) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yeah, pretty much. Cuntboy = a dude with a vagina. But the thing with cuntboys is that they do identify as male and actually are male, except for what's between their legs.

That seriously sounds so badass.

Pic unrelated. I just think it's cute.

>> No.308   [Delete]   [Edit]

Good gawd...This is too amazing to describe in words. Seriously, this was worth the wait. Even thought the lack of foreplay leaves something to be desired, this is the best yaoi I've ever read.

also- I second crossdressing Masada

>> No.309   [Delete]   [Edit]

While this isn't a fill per se, I think that this RP thread I had a while ago with an awesome Monoko might be relevant to your interests, anon.


Sorry about my userpics. I recently changed the keywords around.

>> No.310   [Delete]   [Edit]

Sorry, I haven't been writing recently. I had a bit of a crisis in the home, I'll post more when I'm able to. If I poof for a while, I've either killed myself or been sent to hospital. I hope this crisis will be over in a day or so, if not, well, assuming this thread will die, I'll post the fics in the appropriate yume nikki categories and then if I get more requests I'll make a new /lit/ thread.

Wish me luck /lit/.

>> No.311   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1289427106012.png -(48.5 KiB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That's unfortunate, but I hope things turn out ok.
Don't worry too much about writing weird smut for a bunch of anonymous people online, take care of your situation first.

Also, since I don't know what you look like...

>> No.312   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1289427155683.png -(110.2 KiB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

...I drew Masada instead.

Is there a Musclesada? Because there should be.

>> No.313   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's awesome! Now that you mention it, a Musclesada would be pretty hot :)

>> No.352   [Delete]   [Edit]

She offed herself, didn't she.

>> No.353   [Delete]   [Edit]

most likely

>> No.354   [Delete]   [Edit]

This... is so beautiful. <3
More yuri please~

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