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This was written on the spot while listening to the Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack. I thought I'd save it here.

<Tamamin> Grass Land
<Tamamin> you are now remembering
<Tamamin> that awesome song
<Tamamin> that you heard
<Tamamin> when you put that game
<Tamamin> in that hunk of plastic
<Tamamin> and turned it on
<Tamamin> and you saw that map
<Tamamin> for the first time
<Tamamin> And then

  • Sibekop is now known as Pokebis
  • Azelfchan is now known as Awayzelfchan

<Tamamin> you get to Desert Land
<Tamamin> and that annoying loop
<Tamamin> and all you want to do is get to the next area
<Tamamin> your favorite
<Tamamin> Ocean Land
<Tamamin> and man are you relieved
<Tamamin> Traveling one of the larger areas of the game
<Tamamin> and looking around that map
<Tamamin> enjoying that atmosphere
<-- Awayzelfchan has quit (Quit: Now he knows, his father betrayed! Now his wings turn to ashes, his ashes his grave!)
<Tamamin> it feels like a vacation
<Tamamin> and then you reach your final point
<Tamamin> and you move to Giant Land
<Tamamin> And you hear this awesome tune
<Tamamin> that makes you feel like you're the best
<Tamamin> and you can kick ass
<Tamamin> and you know
<Tamamin> that you're journey is only beginning
<Tamamin> *your
<Tamamin> with all these monsters
<Tamamin> you over come them
<Polymorph> GREEN GREENS
<Tamamin> and become even greater
<Tamamin> somehow you even managed to become so amazing
<Tamamin> that you climbed into the Sky Land
<Polymorph> 100,000 rolled 88% rendered
<Tamamin> you're just taking it easy
<Tamamin> chillin around the clouds
<Tamamin> when you fall down into Iceland
<Tamamin> and youre ears are PIERCED
<Tamamin> with an unholy sound that is comparable to icicles being shoved through your eardrums
<Tamamin> you run so much just to get away from it
<Tamamin> that you can't keep your grip
<Tamamin> slippin and sliding
<-- Shutch_ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<Tamamin> and all you want to do is get away
<Tamamin> when suddenly a hammer bro comes along
<Polymorph> Super mario 2
<Tamamin> and you're
<Tamamin> reunited
<Tamamin> with an old tune
<Tamamin> that makes you want to boogie
<Tamamin> you're so happy that you dance the dance with that hammer bro
<Polymorph> It's fucking mario two. I fucking love the ice stages.
<Tamamin> and you become a hammer bro yourself
<Polymorph> and then john was a hammer bro
<Tamamin> no longer are you slipping and sliding
<Tamamin> you're on the fast track outta iceland
<Polymorph> "no john. You are the goombahs"
<Tamamin> You found yourself moving so fast that you're ears are attacked with yet another annoying loop
<Tamamin> 'this feels just like the Desert Land' you think
<Tamamin> but green green green green everywhere
<Tamamin> Pipe Land
<Tamamin> You're so close to your goal that I can feel the heat coming from the pipe you choose
<Tamamin> downward you go
<Tamamin> it takes a while, and it was dark and confusing
<Tamamin> but finally
<Tamamin> you arrive in Dark Land
--> Uboa91 (~Uboa91@Rizon-223BC68B.se.biz.rr.com) has joined #uboachan
<Tamamin> the sense of evil overwhelms you
<Tamamin> you've invaded their territory
<Tamamin> sabotoging their tanks, ships, and planes

  • Uboa91 is now known as Faggoot

<Tamamin> fires everwhere
<Tamamin> the enemy grabs you while you're moving
<Tamamin> you're startled, but you're too good
<Tamamin> everything is destroyed in your path
<Tamamin> the evil has become you
<Tamamin> You reached the final castle
<Tamamin> lasers everwhere
<Tamamin> you're too fast

  • Faggoot is now known as ftrrrrr

<ftrrrrr> what

  • ftrrrrr is now known as Faggoot

<Tamamin> this music can't slow you down
<Tamamin> you're hopping over everything, this castle is easy as pie
<Tamamin> you reach the final room
<Tamamin> your greatest adversary stands accross from you
<Tamamin> the music that plays
<Tamamin> you know he's up to no good
<Tamamin> and he goes copying your moves
<Tamamin> there's no way you can beat him
<Tamamin> he's bigger, faster, and more powerful
<Tamamin> you evade his attack again, and notice his weight cracking the bridge
<Faggoot> (someone explain to me what tamamin is talking about)
<Tamamin> he takes your signature move once more
<Tamamin> you pull a fast one and slide out from under him
<Tamamin> that bridge is gone
<Tamamin> he's fallen to his doom
<Tamamin> you proceed with no remorse
--> Shutch_ (~Supyo@Rizon-BC4C121.dhcp.vt.edu) has joined #uboachan
<Tamamin> the next chamber holds your prize
<Tamamin> and there she is
<Tamamin> waiting for you
<Tamamin> this snazzy music plays
<Polymorph> Super mario bros
<Tamamin> and you know you're about to get it on
<Polymorph> dramatised
<Tamamin> and then
<Faggoot> >there she is
<Polymorph> when suddenly, BANANANAS EVERYWHERE
<Tamamin> you remember your journey
<Faggoot> >fucking tears
<Tamamin> all the places you've been
<-- Shutch_ has quit ()
<Tamamin> all the people you've killed
<Faggoot> I'm not sure if anyone watched the There She Is! series but the ending got me in tears.
<Faggoot> ;_;
<Tamamin> you have accomplished a wonderful journey
<Tamamin> but you can't get it up!
<Tamamin> thinking of your journey has brought you to tears
<Faggoot> stealer
<Tamamin> your legendary rival
<Tamamin> gone

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a winner is you bro, that was just awesome
i wish i had the skills to wrint cool things like that

Last edited 10/10/06(Wed)17:29.

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well, the best way to do something is to do it.

I was just fooling around while listening to the soundtrack. If I can do it you can too! Just go for it, whatever, whenever.

Of course, I could have made this look more professional. Maybe I will when I have more time.

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