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learning writers~ theres a little technique to inspire yourself and get your writing alittle more fliud:
you write for a solid 10 mins about anything.
thats it.

here's my shitty little one, expect B'AWW.

What does it matter if my perception of it isn’t true, my eyes cast upon it are helpless to think that we are damned to a breakdown as we develop more and more looking at ourselves in superiority as seclusion gains, I the hypocritical look onto the world with desperation and without help to change writhing and leaking fluid over my sheets.

Having no answer as the faceless calls out questions, instructions without no follow though as this place sinks, in pale retrospect of what was and what will never be again, I the hypocritical gouge my eye’s and tare at my hair out of nervousness and bleak oversight at the clawing masses of flesh. I’m just another insignificant speck useless to the world, quivering in fear at it, a small façade of happiness to charm mislead.

Strangling words and choking on bile from my throat as a wail alone eye’s red seeking solace in my own damnation, constantly pawing and tearing into my gut as my head spins heart beating inside of it. Throat closed tightly I thrash aimlessly about, mind only filled with pitying thoughts encouraging desperation. Out of human contact an into my metaphorical cage filled with my fear and my love, confined to nothingness as I sit and my body grows as my head only dulls.

Wanting, seeking pity and love in the chance of another giving it for Freudian ways, unscathed by my appearance only seeking what I seek in return a soulless existence at that. I wonder what it is like to want to continue on, without such restrains to not the chained to your own guilt and pacts, to not have to reason with yourself to your death, only to carry on single-mindedly at Freudian excuse and animalistic drive.

There is nothing to be learnt now, we have gone to far and we know ourselves to well.

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