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Why she hadn'™t come to him, he didn'™t know. He'™d heard from the mouth that she'™d been in the hanger, and had only talked to it then left. All that mouth did was shit on people'™s hair. He certainly hoped it was hair, but not on her.

Black fabric fingers made light, contrasting work on the electric piano. Scales, he thought, I must do the scales to warm up. It had been so long since he exiled himself from the world --“ maybe she'™d come out of her shell?

Unwillingly, he began a tune; he knew he'™d heard it from somewhere, but where? Fur Elise, he suddenly realised. That was the song he had taught to her, so she could begin to play. All ten fingers slammed on the keys, spread out over fifteen.

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His breath caught in his throat – he stared out the vast window into the milky way as best he could. One night, one cold, horrible, lonely night, he took her here once, without even leaving Earth. Was it the right thing for him to have done?

Small, perfect steps roused him. Was it- A pair of arms were around his waist, and a slight head against his middle back. He knew that body, that way those arms just barely reached his stomach all the way around.

She’d come back from the never-dead. No words were ever spoken between the two of them, had ever been spoken. His black hand stroked her pink arm, and he could feel her skin beneath the jumper. Eyelids slid shut while lips became a smile.

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The arms released his body, but not before he held her hands – just for that second. He felt so happy he could weep. As he let go, he spun around and knelt down to her height in the same fluid motion. His right eye glanced all around her lower body.

Her eyes bored into his left, the one eye he could keep still. They began to breath the same air with an identical rhythm. His hands held her head in place as his mouth moved, from her jugular, to behind her ear, and finally to her lips.

Soft, they were so soft, as if they were a precious creature, vulnerable to the slightest change. Forehead rested against forehead; thoughts mingled together in a strange dance. A hand pulled an elbow while he struggled with his sight.

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Hands, hands slid down his body and up under his skivvy. Other hands – his own hands – were freeing brown hair from its plaited prison. She held onto his neck in a death grip. He picked her up around the waist.

Bedroom. Sheets. Jumper, skivvy, hair ties, pants, skirt, briefs, bra, undies. Ivory skin on peach. Pink lips on white. Agony then ecstasy. Snowflakes falling around a rose bud. Tongues, not of fire, but of humans desperate for love.

Finally, after so very long, they were one once more. Her head was nestled against his neck as she slept peacefully. He couldn’t help but smile, and his fingers stroked along that brown hair he so loved. Everything was at peace, but he had a ship to fly.

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And I'm done! Being a massive art nerd myself, I didn't want the sex scene to arouse, but to show it as a precious moment between lovers.
Masada's a music nerd, and music nerds are my brethren.
Please tell me if the entire thing sounds pretentious. D:

edit: Just fixing up character glitches. Ergh...

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