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I was going to actually post my original story here but while re-reading it I realized how horrible, rushed and messed up my writing was in most of its chapters
So I'll just post random shortfics I feel like writing until I fix that original one.
I wrote this at midnight so if there's any grammar error I'll fix it tomorrow...
And it also makes no sense.

I always lived in the shadows, followed by the darkness. Neither sunlight nor moonlight reach my empty shell. How I wish they did!
A souless body. A mindless heart. A worthless existance. What value is given to one who can't even face its own fears?
My head feels heavy. My body feels dead. Silver hair colored red.
Driving to the monster's lair. I can't ignore my own mind. Keep going, I said to myself.
Entering hell, down the rabbit hole. It's my own mind. It inhabits this empty shell. I can have control over it.
Acting like nothing would happen. I have no reason to be afraid. Nothing bad would happen. Silver pipe colored rust.
Don't cry. It's alright. It's just my mind. Right?

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If anyone's interested, I set up a writing journal for myself. Here's the link: http://fullmoonhour.livejournal.com/
I'm putting up everything I write here, and I'm working on some Yume Nikki stuff to post. I've been greatly inspired by >>171, and most of my exercises come from there. (I'm actually very glad I read that thread, I never wrote so much in two weeks.) It's not very interesing stuff to read though.

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