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I was sitting alone in my dark room, enjoying the quiet atmosphere. I didn’t bother looking at the tiny digital clock on the bottom right-hand corner of my computer screen, but I guessed it was somewhere around three in the morning. Could be around four, my sense of time was never very good. But judging from the lack of bird chirping, I doubted it was.

It was sitting in that late summer air. It was strangely rather humid tonight, and it was a bit unsettling. I fanned myself with my left hand as my right operated the laptop mouse. I was trying to add a friend I had met online into my messenger program, but as soon as I had added him, he appeared as a block contact. 
I raised a dark eyebrow and right clicked to see the option menu. Though the contact already seemed blocked maybe blocking them again would help. I did as I thought and it seemed to work. My friend was offline, but then again he was probably sleeping. My sleeping schedule has been so out of whack lately…
I paused for a second to rub my eyes. I wasn’t quite sure if I was getting tired or not. My eyes hurt, but that was probably because I forget to blink sometimes. I’ve kind of forgotten what it feels like to feel sleepy.
My IMing program made a small sound like I had received a message, but when I looked down, all 33 of my contacts had been blocked simultaneously. “What…?” I involuntarily let out, scrolling down to see what was up. My brows furrowed with confusion as I peered again at my friends’ screen named had changed. Their screen names were now unidentifiable static. I mean, there were letters, but nothing that created a real word or name.
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Things like “ª ªæ‏‏‏※░░▹┉⌂” and “▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░äæ┌⅓ℵ“littered my list of contacts. I stared at it for a moment, trying to decipher what the hell was going on. Instantly, I assumed it was because of my lack of sleep. I rubbed my eyes again and took a deep breath in, hoping all of the names would return to normal.

But they didn’t. I didn’t care who it was, I clicked on the only person online’s screen name and started up a conversation. 
I waited a few minutes. There wasn’t any reply.
You there?
W H A T I S I T?
Nothing, really, I just wanted to talk to someone. Do you mind?
N o t r e a l l y …
Hey, is your IMing freaking out too? Mine’s been acting weird. Maybe it’s just my shitty computer. I really gotta get the thing cleaned. It’s like 4 years old.
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“What the hell?” 
I closed the window, seeing as my IMing program wasn’t really responding. I didn’t have a fan, and there weren’t any birds outside, so everything felt unnervingly quiet. Everyone else in the house was asleep. The room started to feel stifling. Was it this hot before? No, maybe my wrists resting on the almost overheating was responsible for my sudden wave of nausea.
I tried to wipe my sweaty hands off on my shirt, but they still felt hot and clammy. All of the windows on my computer suddenly closed, and a weird static sound emitted from my speakers. I stared at it, not knowing what to do. Was it going to blue screen on me or something? What was its deal?
The screeching sound persisted, and soon my background of raindrops against a glass window started to distort along with the icons of the shortcuts. It started to pull and stretch like hands from left and right were just pulling at it for no apparent reason.
I jolted back and stared at it in shock at the distortion soon grew human like features. There was an open human mouth and a nose started to appear in a weird corrupted jpeg style. The static from my speakers slowly started to warp into a computerized scream.
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“What the fuck is this?” I asked no one in particular, started to get up from my chair. My footing was rather weak as I had been sitting for god knows how long, a rough estimate told me I had been sitting for maybe seven hours.

The rather androgynous face started to poke its way through on my screen. It had closed its mouth, and the screaming stopped, but the static noise still persisted. It had now changed into a sort of raspy breathing as the nose was now outside of my screen, quickly followed by the forehead and the lips and chin. 
“Shit…!” I said through gritted teeth, totally taken aback as I scrambled on my bedroom floor, crabwalking backwards.
The creature that was forcing itself out of my laptop screen looked exactly like a distorted, gritty version of my desktop, only without the shortcuts. It looked like it was birthing itself from my screen, wanting to see me for some reason.
Through my sudden wave of terror, I had maneuvered myself into a squatting position, and ended up backing up to the side of my bed. In the darkness of my room, the thing was glowing with the same intensity of my laptop.
Now its arms were out, and it tucked in its shoulders, and soon they were out. With a somewhat spidery appearance, the thing hung its arms off of my desk as it was stuck with the latter half of it still within my screen.
It looked tired. For about a minute, it just hung there, the raspy breathing still coming from my speakers. I didn’t know what I could do. What could I do?
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Like jumpstarting a car, the thing snapped back into action, and was soon crawling out of my laptop again. Its hips were out, and then soon it toppled out of the screen and writhed a bit before me. I didn’t dare let it touch me. It started making more weird hissing sounds that were distorted from the static.

Despite it being so close to me, any noise it made came from my laptop speakers. Soon only my own loud breathing was all I heard. Time seemed completely irrelevant, and the thing started to make its way toward me. With its wide open eyes exactly the same color as the rest of its fabricated skin. We both exhaled at the same moment, myself too terrified to move much less flee my room. 
Its spidery fingers reached out towards my bare calf, and I saw it reach out to its full compacity.
“What the hell’re you doing?” My little brother came into the room, and flicked on the light switch. That weird creature that birthed itself from my laptop screen was completely gone. My desktop was normal with all of the familiar shortcuts sitting in their places. I was still squatting down with my back against the edge of my bed, looking as though I were about to shit myself from terror.
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“W—what?” I panted, completely out of breath. I held my head in my hands, feeling a massive headache coming on.

“God, you woke me up, you asshole. Go to bed already.” My brother spat angrily, obviously very tired and cranky. 
Still nervy, I took a deep breath and crawled into my bed after shutting down my laptop. God, it must be this heat, I told myself. I rolled over on my side and closed my eyes, finally feeling calm again. More breathing in the silence, but everything was okay.
But when after maybe about ten minutes I rolled onto my back, the static hissing started again and my eyes opened like a reflex. The gritty-looking human-shaped figure had pinned me down and screamed, the computerized sound reverberated in my ears like cymbals.
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This is the next thing I plan to read when I get the time. I skimmed over it and it looks promising. Will edit a critique at a later point. :V

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you need to finish this, it was being a good read ^^

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